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jms1989 is just another boxtorrent user who loves to download anime. He has a rig setup just for torrents providing video across the entire LAN. The box runs Ubuntu Server 8.04 with an Intel P3 500MHz CPU with just under 256MB of ram with a 40GB WD for the master disk and a 160GB WD for torrent storage as the slave (Soon to be upgraded to 500GB). The rig sports a CD burner, a internal zip drive, and a floppy drive, all three are rarely used. He uses TorrentFlux to download any torrent he chooses and with multi-user support, his sisters can download their anime too.

His main rig is an ASUS P4R800-V Deluxe Mobo with a Intel P4 2.8GHz processor with Hyper-threading support and 1GB of ram to boot. The rig uses a 120GB Seagate master disk for windows and its storage partition, it has a 250GB Maxtor for Ubuntu 8.04, Sabyon, a home partition, and its swap space. There is a 500GB MyBook for even more storage (to hold more anime) and a 160GB WD external hdd for backups. For video, it uses a plain-jane Nvidia 4 Series with 64MB of video ram connected to a Dell 17" CRT monitor and is hooked up to a car stereo for sound. His favorite thing to do with the rig is to hook it up to the tv via a S-Video cable with two RCA plugs to watch anime on his 20" Sayno Tube-TV. His current rig is soon to be replaced with a machine with 4 times the power. :)