Adoptions for Dummies

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Adoptions for Dummies
All your questions on adoptions, answered here!

Requesting an adoption

Most adoptions that fail do so at this stage (about half of all requests). People don't include what's necessary to adopt or just randomly request it thinking it'll solve their warning. Well, it's not that simple, so read on to learn the secrets of the request.

Look at the Description

This might come as a surprise, but that's how you should start. Take a good look and check that everything needed is there. Here's a handy list of things that are frequently in need of fixing:

I'll be using two examples and pointing out what you need to look at in both of them.

Example A

This one is a case of a mostly good description that was put up for adoption because the uploader was eaten by RL (or whatever caused him to be away long enough to be pruned). IMAGE HERE As you can see from the beautiful markings on the image, this torrent is missing 5 links to be in an ideal shape.

  1. The director is missing a link to his anidb page.
  2. The production company is also missing a link to their anidb page
  3. (Arigatou could also use a link, though that one isn't 100% necessary. We still prefer it that way.)
  4. Lookie here. No MAL link despite My Anime List being one of the more important sites of it's kind.
  5. Somewhat more important, this description is missing a related link.

Example B

Now this description is in a miserable state. Just look at it: Image HERE This torrent has a few more issues than the previous one, so let's point them out one by one:

  1. The director is missing a link to his anidb page.
  2. The production companies are also missing the links to their anidb pages
  3. Again, no MAL link despite My Anime List being one of the more important sites of it's kind.
  4. Somewhat less important, this description is again missing a related link. Since Les Miserables doesn't have any relations it was probably ignored at the time. I'll tell you what to do in such cases later.
  5. The summary is cut off. Who would do such a cruel thing! Poor Cosette. (curiously, refreshing the page made it appear fully. It still shouldn't happen but I've seen that with chrome a few times already)
  6. Where are all the images? Photobucket ate them. This is why we want everything to be hosted on Bakashots. Presumably it won't do anything stupid that will ruin half the descriptions on BakaBT

Download and seed the torrent you wish to adopt

This is fairly important. As the owner of the torrent you're expected to seed it if the torrent ever goes unseeded. We can't confirm if it's currently on your harddrive unless you actively seed it during the time frame of the request. Image HERE

Making the request

Click the underlined Adopt button and type out the reasons you found out earlier: Images here

Request was rejected

This isn't the end of the world. We usually send you a message notifying you of what you did wrong. (Or lazily link you to the wiki where you can easily find out what went wrong). Fix the mistakes and try again.

Request was granted

We're done here, right? Almost. Before you go to the next section is that we will send an adoption back to the adoption pool if it takes too long unless you have a good reason for it. And yes, huge soundtracks are reason enough.

Working on the description

To work on the description, you have to press the button called "Edit Description"

List of useful code pieces

Here are some pieces of code that you might find useful if you've never used html before:

Working on Example A

Working on Example B

Edit Info

Next to Edit description you'll see another button. Clicking that you will get access to a few more things:

  • Adding Keywords
  • Adding Attachments
  • Editing the title
  • Probably something I'm forgetting

I'm done, what now?

Notify the attending staff member

Just write a message that you're done. As we're usually busy we don't check the adoptions daily, but if we get a message we'll respond as soon as possible.

I was told something was still missing

Just fix it. It's not the end of the world. If you don't know how, ask the attending staff member (or any other staff). We don't mind helping you if it's within our ability.

What about bonus points?

Yes, I know that was the only reason you probably worked your way through this guide. You will get them as soon we click the button that you're done. The amount is based on the bounty and a multiplier (x0.1/ x1/x1.5/x2.5). The multiplier is decided by your attending staff member, so be nice to him/her/it.

Some special situations

The description is unsalvagable!

Some older torrents can't be salvaged through simple editing. In cases like this you will have to use a description template. This will be covered in a different guide. You're free to play around with it though, it's fairly easy.

There are better files available

In that case you can create a new offer. We already have a guide for that, so just use a template and fire away.

I want to swap in something

This depends on how well seeded the torrent is. Adopt it first and we'll notify you.

Help! Despite this wonderful guide I don't know what to do???

Send us a message. Most of us are willing to help you, especially if it's your first time.

A torrent needs adoption

Message the current owner

It might very well be that the owner is still active. Send him a polite message notifying him of the circumstances.

He didn't respond!

Report the torrent.