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Format Preferences
This is how we want our stuff packaged

Our Torrent Content Upload Guidelines cover what content is allowed to be uploaded here. In this section, we describe in detail how we want this content to be packaged.


General Preferences

In general, we accept (only?):

Try not to Offer:
Reasons & Comments:
Video Codecs: Xvid, Divx, H.264/AVC
Containers: AVI, MKV, MP4
Subtitles: (Styled) softsubs
Codecs: WMV, RM, QT and Indeo, etc
Containers: MPG/MPEG, OGM, RM, FLV, QT, etc
Subtitles: hardsubs
Other containers are not preferred due to lack of support and acceptance for anime-viewing.
Codecs selected as a balance between compression efficiency and codec acceptance.
Softsubs are preferred for flexibility.
Scans Images: PNG, JPG
Archives: ZIP, RAR
Images: GIF, BMP, TIFF
Archives: 7z, GZip
PNG and JPG preferred for good compression and quality.
GIF generally discouraged unless the scans are really poor.
Archives selected for widespread use and compatibility.
Refer to the offer-making walkthrough for more information on when to archive manga.
Audio Lossy: MP3, (MPC:any advantages to it?)
Lossless: FLAC only
OGG, APE, TTA Open formats with wide support & acceptance are preferred.

Note: Exceptions to these guidelines may apply (see below for details).


In selecting accepted formats for release, we go for the best quality possible, but at the same time we also try to accomodate lower-spec machines that might not be able to handle H.264 or HD content. At the same time, in the interests of simplification, we are slowly cutting down on the number of formats we accept.

Video 'food-chain'

  • (Group A) H.264 Bluray 1080p
    • (Group B) H.264 Bluray 720p
      • (Group B) H.264 DVD, usually Dual-Audio
      • (Group B) H.264 HDTV/DTV
        • (Group C) Xvid/DivX DTV (SD) --> H.264 DTV accepted if no Xvid release available (in such cases H.264 DTV will be dropped from Group B)

Note: Dual-audio releases always replace single-audio release of comparable quality.

Accepted releases

Except under special circumstances (see below), we will only accept at most 4 releases (excluding a4e releases):

  • 1 release from Group A
  • not more than 2 releases (1 'quality release' and 1 'alternative release' e.g. Dual-Audio) from Group B
  • 1 release from Group C

Note: Offers for a release will not be accepted if a better/preferred version is on the way.

Exceptions to Guidelines

The following exceptions apply:

Exception 1

HDTV/DVD rips are temporarily allowed if complete Bluray rips are more than a month away

Exception 2

Releases normally replaced by 'superior' releases may instead be allowed to co-exist with or replace them if they have something that the 'superior' offer does not, e.g.:

  • better subjective video quality (Staff will decide based on comparison screenshots, video samples (if available), and/or user comments).
  • other noteworthy points (to be discussed in Uploaders' Forum or in torrent comments)

Exception 3

In addition, we serve as a4e's release tracker, so their releases will stay on the tracker even if better versions are offered.

Exception 4

Older releases that do not fall under these guidelines (such as older, rarer DivX/OGM releases) can be discussed in the Uploaders' Forum. These rules do not apply in such cases.

Exception 5

(Applies to Group B only)

In certain cases where the 720p Bluray torrent exceeds a certain size (cutoff filesize to be confirmed in time to come), a single-audio 'quality rip' of smaller filesize will be allowed alongside the Bluray rip (i.e. 3 releases accepted for Group B: Bluray, smaller 'quality release' and 'alternative release').

Other Guidelines

Re-muxing of audio and subtitle tracks from other groups is generally discouraged. We will accept remuxes if the available releases all fail terribly in one or more aspects (video, audio, subtitling, etc). In other words, we will not approve releases with audio from one group and video from another, just because "the audio track from one is somewhat better than the other". Keep group releases intact as far as possible.

Manga & Printed Material

We only allow 1 manga release (best available version) for each manga series, artbook, or other printed material.


We only allow 2 versions of any OST album/compilation:

  • 1 lossy release (highest quality possible)
  • 1 lossless FLAC release
    • All other lossless formats can be converted to FLAC before uploading.
    • FLACs must be in one-file-per-track format.
  • For parent-child torrent groupings, lossless formats are preferred as parents over lossy formats, unless the lossy formats contain more albums or other torrent content.


If in doubt, remember our mantra: Quality over quantity

Do read the walkthrough to making a torrent offer if it is your first time making one.