How to make an offer

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How to Make a Boxtorrents Offer
In here, you might just find the answers you're looking for!

Reading the FAQ

Before you make an offer, you should have read the FAQ at least once. If not, read it now before scrolling down. Here a passing familiarity with the FAQ is presumed, so some common/obvious rules may be omitted or not discussed in detail. It is your responsibility to ensure that these rules are adhered to even if they are not mentioned here.

Is your offer Blacklisted?

Blacklisted anime/manga may not be uploaded. If you are unclear on whether a series belongs under the blacklist you may clarify on the Uploader's Forum.

Is your offer already on Boxtorrents?

Do a search first; if the series is well-known, not blacklisted and stopped airing a while ago, chances are it's on Boxtorrents already. Some series may be known by more than one name, or may have an English name and a (romanised) Japanese name; search all possible names before making an offer.

In general we allow more than one version of an offer on Boxtorrents. The following offers are non-exclusive (i.e. both versions can be accepted):

Is your offer the highest-quality offer around?