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<!-- Finished with the major ones for E too -Sherlock  
<!-- Finished with the major ones for E too -Sherlock -->
*'''F-B''' - Stands for Froth-Bite, an anime fansubbing group.
*'''FAKKU''' - Manga scanlator as well as anime fansubber, focussing on hentai.
Father-Son Relationship
*'''Family''' - Presence of family based scenes[including their relationships with each other etc.]
Female Students
*'''Fantasy''' - A genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Has various sub-genres.
Female Teachers
*'''Fated Circle''' - Manga scanlators focussing mainly on hentai.
Feudal Warfare
*'''Father-Son Relationships''' - Has content based on the relationships between a father and his son.
Final Fantasy
*'''Faylan''' - Is a female singer from Saitama, Japan.
*'''Faytear''' - Manga scanlator focussing on hentai.
*'''Female Dominance''' - Indicates that the female has a dominating role in a relationship.
*'''Female Fighters''' - Refers to content having female fighters as the main characters.
*'''Female Students''' - Refers to the presence of female students. Mostly from school, can be from University too.
*'''Female Teachers''' - Presence of female teachers amongst the main characters.
Frontier Works
*'''Fetish''' - Refers to the arousal that a person gets from any physical object, or from a specific situation.[Eg: BDSM]
*'''Feudal Warfare''' - Under the feudal system, land would be parcelled out. Those who received the land had an obligation to fight for their liege lord, hence Feudal Warfare.
Fuji TV
*'''FFFpeeps''' - Anime fansubbing group.
*'''Finfal fantasy''' - Anything related the RPG Final Fantasy.
Fujimi Comics
*'''Fisting''' - Sexual activity involving the inserting of a hand into the vagina or the rectum.
*'''Food''' - Content has Food amongst the dominant themes.
*'''Football''' - Refers to the primarily European sport involving two teams of 11 members, trying to score goals by kicking the ball into the opponents net. Also called Soccer.
*'''Force of Nature''' - Shows the effects or power of Nature.
*'''Franky House''' - Manga Scanlator.
*'''Frontier Works''' - a Japanese company specializing in the creation and distribution of media related to anime, such as producing OVAs, radio dramas, drama CDs, anime soundtracks, or other related products.
*'''Frostii''' - Anime fansubbing group.
*'''Fuji TV''' - Anime production company.
*'''FUJITA Junpei''' - is a Japanese arranger and composer, and a founding member of Elements Garden.
*'''FUKUMOTO Nobuyuki''' - A mangaka.
*'''Full Colour''' - Used in relation to manga, means that the entire manga has colour pages.
*'''Futanari''' - Japanese version of androgyny/hermaphroditism. Basically, "chick with dicks".
*'''FURUYA Usamaru''' - A mangaka.
*'''Future''' - The setting of the story takes place in the future or a futuristic world.
*'''FwPA''' - Manga scanlation group.
<!-- Finished with the major ones for "F" - Sherlock

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BakaBT uses keywords to separate content into different genres. This is a brief guide and reference to the more commonly used keywords used on BakaBT.

If a keyword is missing, it may not have been added yet, or is considered too minor to add. (Such as publishers, producers, and mangakas that are used very few times)


  • 1080p - refers to the number of lines of vertical resolution in a video file, or how "tall" the image is. Generally this indicates encodes from a Blu-Ray source.
  • 3XR - Anime fansubbing group.
  • 4dawgz - manga scanlation group specializing in hentai manga.
  • 4-koma - is a comic-strip format, generally consisting of four panels of equal size ordered from top to bottom. (They also sometimes run right-to-left horizontally or use a hybrid 2x2 style, depending on the layout requirements of the publication in which they appear.)
  • 5pb. - is a Japanese video game manufacturer and record label for video game and anime music.
  • 720p - like 1080p, refers to the vertical resolution of video files. Can indicate encodes from a Blu-Ray source, or more commonly high definition TV (HDTV) sources. 720p is considered the "threshold" of high-definition on BakaBT; anything lower than this is standard-definition.



  • A-1 Pictures Inc. - An animation studio with the purpose of focusing further efforts in high quality and reliable production and delivery of its contents
  • A-Classic - as their name implies, this fansubbing group specializes in older (pre-2000) anime.
  • A-D - Short for Anime Daisuki, a fansubbing group.
  • A-E - Short for Anime-Empire, a fansubbing group active since early 2001.
  • A-F - Short for Anime-Fansubs, one of the first groups to release digital fansubs starting in 2000. No longer active; some staff members merged with Ishin-Digital Anime and NewLifeAnime to form The Triad.
  • A-Faith - Short for Anime-Faith, a former anime fansub group. The group eventually folded due to project leads and translators no longer having time to devote to fansubbing.
  • A-Flux - Short for Anime-Influx. Founded Dec 2002, disbanded May 2006. Focused on subtitling neglected series. Best known for Mamotte Shugogetten and Battle Programmer Shirase.
  • A-K - Short for Anime-Kissaten, formed sometime in September of 2000. Is considered to be amongsts the first groups to release digital fansubs.
  • A-Keep - Anime-Keep; fansubbing group, active since late 2001 / early 2002. Some members split away in 2005 to form Conclave.
  • A-Kraze - Anime-Kraze; fansubbing group that began subbing in 2002 with middle episodes of Inuyasha and .hack//SIGN.
  • A-L - Short for Anime-Legion, a DVD-ripping group with members from the older group Dream-Anime. Sometimes adds "fansub-esque" elements to R1 DVD rips.
  • a-S - see Anime-Supreme
  • A-Team - Manga scanlation group.
  • a2000a - After2000Anime, a fansubbing group.
  • a.f.k. - Fansubbing group, active since mid-2001. Most famous for subbing The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and for "liberal" translations.
  • a4e - stands for Anime-4ever (not to be confused with Anime-Forever Fansubs [AF-F]), one of the most prolific Dual-Audio DVD-ripping groups in the "anime scene." Only a4e staff members may upload torrents with a4e material. Other special distro rules also apply to a4e releases on BakaBT.
  • Aarinfantasy - fansubbing group specializing in boys-love/shounen-ai/yaoi anime. In other words, if you see this as a keyword, expect some degree of male homosexual content.
  • Abingdon Boys School - is a Japanese rock band fronted by Takanori Nishikawa.
  • ABT - Anime-BitTorrent, fansubbing group.
  • ACR - AnimeClassicReviews, fansubbing group specializing in older anime.
  • Action - broad genre classification indicating an emphasis on fighting, high-speed chases, or other thrilling/suspenseful elements. Generally involves the resolution of conflicts through direct confrontation and physical force.
  • Adachi - see Adachi Mitsuru
  • Adachi Mitsuru - Manga author, most famous for the series Touch.
  • Adult - two primary meanings:
  1. "Adult" content, i.e. explicit depictions of sex acts. Or, "Content unsuitable for children."
  2. Stories designed for adults, but are not pornographic. Focus is on adult protagonists and issues particular to adult life, rather than the usual child/teen protagonists. Or, "Content unappealing to children."
  • Adventure - genre classification for stories of quests and journeys, often with a specific goal in mind. Often found in medieval / "Swords & Sorcery" settings and combined with the Fantasy tag.
  • Adultery - voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse.
  • Aerandria Scans - Manga scanlation group.
  • Ahegao - often been interpreted as “weird face”, describing a female character's eyes rolled up and her tongue sticking out during sex. It is meant to portray the enjoyment of sex in female characters and is only seen in hentai manga/anime.
  • AHQ - The Dual-Audio DVD-ripping group Anime-HQ. Active for a long time, possibly since before 2000. Best-known for releasing DragonballZ and GT. Later encodes by this group feature editing and reformatting of R1 DVD subs to create more of a fansub experience. Note that this group's encodes fall under the same rules as a4e's.
  • AIC - Producer, short for Anime International Corporation. Best-known for multi-series franchises including Bubblegum Crisis/AD Police, Tenchi Muyo!, and El-Hazard.
  • Airforce - contains elements involving military aviation, including planes, flight, pilots, and aerial combat. Should be used alongside the Military tag.
  • Ajia-Do - A Japanese anime production company.
  • Akaneshinsha - Manga publisher specializing in hentai and yaoi/shounen-ai titles.
  • Akita Shoten - Manga publisher.
  • AKU - Fansubbing group, active 2001-2003.
  • Aku Tenshi - Manga scanlation group.
  • ALI Project - musical artist duo with a distinctive, recognizable style. Can be heard in anime such as Noir, Avenger, Rozen Maiden, and Code Geass.
  • Aliens - extraterrestrials, little green men, weirdos from another planet. Sentient non-human (though they can be human in appearance) life forms capable of interstellar travel. Generally found with the Sci-Fi tag.
  • Alphaanime - DVD-ripping group. May be mistaken for a fansubbing group, as most of their releases were Japanese-audio-only with hardsubs.
  • Alternate History - Stories taking place on Earth in a reality that resembles our own, but with a different history. Maybe the Soviet Union never collapsed, or maybe some war never took place. But in any case, the historical change has far-reaching implications that affect the characters and the central conflict of the story.
  • AM -- See AniMecha. Note: While AM refers to AnimeMovies on AniDB, for purposes of BakaBT, it stands for AniMecha. AniMecha uses AM in their file names, and AnimeMovies is no longer active anyway.
  • AMAGI Michihito - Hentai mangaka.
  • Ambrosia - See "Ambrosia Scans."
  • Ambrosia Scans - Manga scanlation group.
  • AMSU - Soundtrack release group.
  • Anal - Sexual act of someone getting something stuck up their butt.
  • ANBU - Anime Fansub Group. Stands for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai
  • ANDO Hiroyuki - Hentai Mangaka.
  • Androids - Robots that are created to look like humans.
  • ANE - Encoding group, stands for Afternoon Naps Empire.
  • Anethum graveolens - Manga Scanlation Group.
  • Angela - A Japanese pop band formed in 1993.
  • Angels - Supernatural beings. Usually messengers of God depicted as human beings with wings and a halo.
  • Angst - German word for fear or anxiety. Used in English to describe a more intense feeling of internal emotional strife.
  • Ani-Kraze - Anime fansubbing group. Also goes by A-Kraze.
  • Animals - An anime that has a considerable amount of animals.
  • Animanda - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Animate - Anime Production company.
  • anime fin - Disbanded anime fansubbing group.
  • Anime Forever - Anime fansubbing group which also goes as AF-F.
  • Anime Yakuza - Soundtrack release group.
  • Anime-Eternal - Anime fansubbing group, also goes by A-Et.
  • Anime-FanRips - Anime fansubbing group, also goes by A-FanRips.
  • Anime-Fansubs - Anime fansubbing group formed in 2000. Is amongst the first groups to release digital fansubs.
  • Anime-MX - Dead anime fansubbing group.
  • Anime-Takeover - Anime fansubbing group.
  • AnmeAddicts - Hungarian anime fansubbing group.
  • AniMecha - Dual-Audio DVD-ripping group that specializes in obscure or rare anime, and prides itself in lower filesizes than standard dual-audio encodes.
  • AnimeClipse - Greek Anime Fansubbing group. Anime releases with greek/english subtitles.
  • AnimeCouncil^2 - Resurrection of the long dead anime fansubbing group AnCo, with like none of the original members. Focus on quality and awesome rather than speed and fail.
  • AnimeFactory - Disbanded fansubbing group formed sometime in 1999. Is amongst the first groups to release digital fansubs.
  • AnimeFreakz - Mostly German group. Does multilanguage DVD Rips and a few fansubs.
  • AnimeHaven - Anime fansubbing group, goes by AH.
  • AnimeMp3 - Soundtrack release group.
  • AnimeSkyScraper - Disbanded anime fansubbing group, goes by ASS.
  • Aniplex - Japanese anime and music production and distribution enterprise owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.
  • AniSubs - Anime rippers that deliver high quality DVD-Rips from either R1 or R2 sources.
  • AniWorld - DVD Ripping group, goes by aW.
  • AniYoshi - English fansubbing group.
  • ANNO Hideaki - Anime producer born on May 22nd, 1960. Best known for his work Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Anthropomorphism- The attribution of uniquely human characteristics to non-human beings, inanimate objects, or natural or supernatural phenomena. For example ananimal or an object (AI excluded) that speaks and/or does other human-like things.
  • Anti-Hero - is generally considered to be a protagonist whose personality can be perceived as being villainous and heroic at the same time, in contrast to the more perpetually noble characteristics of an archetypal hero.
  • AnY - Anime fansubbing group, stands for AnimeYuki.
  • ANZAI Nobuyuki - Mangaka.
  • AonE - Anime fansubbing group, stands for AnimeOne.
  • AOYAMA Gosho - Mangaka best known as the creator of the manga series Detective Conan (known in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom as Case Closed). He has also designed the human characters for the children's anime series, Hamtaro.
  • Apocalyptic - An anime that takes place on future Earth (or it could be an alternative universe) after a major cataclysm has occurred.
  • APS - Anime fansubbing group, stanfs for Anime Pitstop.
  • AQS-Anime - Anime fansubbing group, stands for AquaStar Anime.
  • Aqua Timez - A Japanese pop/rock band signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan's record label Epic Records Japan.
  • ARAI Akino - A Japanese singer, song-writer, and lyricist, best known for her works in anime such as Outlaw Star, Noir, Macross Plus, and many others.
  • ARAKAWA Hiromu - Mangaka from Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan. Her renowned manga, Fullmetal Alchemist, became a hit both domestically and internationally, and was later adapted into two television anime series. She often portrays herself as a bespectacled cow.
  • ARAKI Hirohiko - Mangaka best known for his long running series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • ARAKI Ichiro - A musician born in Tokyo, Japan He's been active between 1963 and 1969, and continued his career after a pause in 1971.
  • ARAKI Kae - A musician and a Seiyuu. Stood in for Mitsuishi Kotono (the voice of Usagi Tsukino in the series Sailor Moon) when Mitsuishi had appendicitis.
  • ARAMAKI Shinji - He is an anime producer. Noted for work on powered exoskeletons and his mecha and CG design on several anime series.
  • Arhat-Anime - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Arienai - Deceased anime fansubbing group.
  • Arigatou - New DVD-rip group offering quality AVC encodes.
  • ARISAKA Mika - A a Japanese-American singer and vocalist. Due to her upbringing, she is bilingual and has performed in both English and (more commonly) Japanese.
  • ARMS - Anime producer company
  • ARR - Anime fansubbing group, stands for Anonymous Russian Rippers.
  • Art - Art plays an important part in the story and has central meaning to the characters (e.g. valuable paintings, or sculptures).
  • Artificial Intelligence - AI plays an important in the anime.
  • Artland - Artland, Inc. is a Japanese animation studio. It has produced numerous noted anime series, including the award-winning Mushishi.
  • Artmic - Animation company founded in 1978 by Suzuki Toshimitsu. In 1997 the company went bankrupt and AIC got a hold on most of its titles.
  • Asahi Production ' - Asahi Production was established on June 1, 1973 in Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan with JPY 10,000,000 to produce TV commercial films and animations, also provide animation assembly service.
  • ASAKAWA Yuu - A popular Japanese seiyuu from Tokyo. She is also a singer, both solo and with the Hinata Girls.
  • ASANO Inio - A mangaka. In 2001 he won the first prize in the GX competition for young mangaka.
  • Ascension - Manga scanlation group.
  • ASF - Anime fansubbing group, stands for Anime-Share Fansubs.
  • Ashi Production - Was once part of Bandai, until it became part of Wiz in 2006. Changed its name to Production Reed in 2007.
  • ASHINANO Hitoshi - Mangaka most noted for the series Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
  • Asmik Ace Entertainment - Asmik is a Japanese software developer and publisher for the famicon platform. The company mainly distributes titles in Japan although a few have made it on the the US market.
  • ASS-Hentai - Closed anime fansubbing group.
  • ASUMI Kana - She is a female Japanese songstress and voice actress (seiyuu) from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. She worked for Voice & Heart until 2007 and works for 81 Produce from 2008.
  • AT-Translations - Manga scanlation group.
  • Atlus - Japanese computer and video game developer, publisher, and distributor headquarted in Tokyo, Japan. It is known for developing the role-playing series Shin Megami Tensei.
  • AtsA - DVD-ripping group, stands for AtsuiAnime.
  • ATT - See, AT-Translations
  • Attractive Fascinante - Manga scanlation group that focuses on Yaoi.
  • Audio-4U - Soundtrack release group.
  • Avalon - Anime fansubbing group.
  • avex mode - Was a record label of Avex until it got merged into Avex Entertinament (the label, not the visual products division of Avex Group Holdings) in 2007.
  • Avex Trax - Was formed in 1990 as the record label of Avex (now Avex Group Holdings).
  • AWAI Shigeki - An animator, character designer and anime director.
  • aX - Anime fansubbing group which has merged with Baka-Anime. Stood for Anime-Xtreme.
  • Ayako - Anime fansubbing group.
  • AYAMINE Rando - Mangaka best known for drawing the series Get Backers.
  • Ayanamis Manga Scans - Manga scanlation group.
  • Ayu - Anime fansubbing group.
  • AYUKAWA Mami Real name Katou Masami (加藤雅弥), is a Japanese songstress.
  • AznA - AznAnime, fansubbing group.
  • AZUKI Kurenai - Hentai mangaka.
  • AZUKI Ryou - Mangaka.
  • AZUMA Kiyohiko Mangaka, who is most known for his slice of life comedy manga Azumanga Daiou.
  • AZUMA Tesshin Hentai mangaka who has a couple non-hentai series.
  • A-A - Anime Ancestors is a high quality anime group that releases multiple types such as movies, tv shows, etc.


  • B-A - Stands for Baka-Anime. A fansubbing group.
  • B-G - Fansubbing group. Stands for Big-Guy.
  • Bakumatsu - Refers to the final years of the Edo period when the Tokugawa shogunate came to an end. It is characterized by major events occurring between 1853 and 1867 during which Japan transitioned from a feudal shogunate to the Meiji government.
  • Band - Group of people performing, typically related to music.
  • Bandai Visual - A Japanese anime and film producing company.
  • Baseball - A typical bat and ball sport, played between two teams of nine players each, primarily in America.
  • Basketball - A team sport involving shooting of a ball through a basket to score points. Primarily played again in America.
  • Battles - Combat against one or many people, either through
  • BDSM - Primarily used sexually, stands for Bondage and Discipline (B&D or B/D), Dominance and Submission (D&S or D/s), and Sadomasochism or Sadism and Masochism (S&M).
  • Bee Train - A Japanese animation studio.
  • Bestiality - Refers to sexual relations between human beings and animals.
  • Biblo Eros - A manga scanlating group.
  • Big Bang - A Japanese anime production company.
  • Binktopia - Manga Scanlating group.
  • Birz Comics - A Japanese seinen manga magazine.
  • biri biri - Scanlating group working mostly on hentai titles.
  • Bishoujo - Japanese term usually used to refer to a beautiful young girl, generally below University age.
  • Bishounen - A Japanese term meaning "Beautiful Youth", the english equivalent of "Pretty Boy".
  • Blackmail - To force or coerce somebody into doing something they don't want to.
  • Bliss - Scanlating group focusing mainly on Yaoi and Shounen-Ai titles.
  • Blood - Represents that the contents may contain spillage of blood.
  • BluDragon - Fansubbing group.
  • BlueFixer - Fansubbing group.
  • BluRay - It is an optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are high-definition video and data storage. Generally, it's releases are uncensored.
  • Boa - is a South Korean singer, commonly referred to as the Queen of Korean Pop.
  • Body Modification - Refers to deliberate altering of the human body for non-medical purposes.
  • Boing - Generally refers to a sound made by breasts or related stuff.
  • Bondage - Generally involves tying up of people in order to exert dominance or control.
  • BONES - A Japanese animation studio.
  • Borderline Hentai - Refers to any material which is almost, but not completely, hentai. Generally contains mild adult themes and nudity.
  • Bounty Hunters - Refers to people who hunt wanted criminals or people for rewards.
  • Box - A fansubbing group, made up of members of BoxTorrents/BakaBT.
  • Boxing - A martial art and combat sport in which two people compete by throwing punches at each other, competing for a knockout.
  • Brains Base - Anime Fansubbing Group.
  • Bribery - Generally refers to giving money or benefits to people to make them do or not do something.
  • Broccoli - An English publisher of Japanese manga.
  • Brolen - Manga scanlator focusing mainly on Hentai or Mature titles.
  • BSS - A fansubbing group.
  • Bukkake - Sexual activity, primarily involving the ejaculation of men on women.
  • Bullying - Refers to any sort of harm[physical or mental] inflicted upon a person, generally out of spite.
  • Buronson - Mangaka for the critically acclaimed series Hokuto no Ken (known as Fist of the North Star in the West).
  • BWYS - A manga scanlation group.


  • C1 - An anime fansubbing group.
  • Capcom - A developer and publisher of Video Games.
  • Cars - Refers to the presence and reasonably prominent usage of cars.
  • Catboys - A catboy is a male character with cat traits, such as cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body.
  • Catgirls - A catgirl is a female character with cat traits, such as cat ears, a cat tail, or other feline characteristics on an otherwise human body. Also referred to as neko or nekomimi.
  • Celonius28 - OST ripper.
  • Censored - Generally refers to the presence of white/black bars in specific scenes to block objectionable content. It is widely present in Hentai offers here.
  • Central Anime - An anime fansubbing group.
  • Ceui - a Japanese singer/songwriter.
  • CG - Refers to Computer Graphics.
  • Chaos - Refers to an anime fansubbing group.
  • Cheerleaders - Refers to the presence of cheerleaders[Generally girls who perform routines to cheer on their teams.]
  • Chess - Refers to the game of chess[A board game for two with 64 squares and 16 coins to each player.]
  • CHIBA Kozue - Mangaka.
  • Chibi - A Japanese slang meaning short kid or child.
  • Chibi Manga - A manga scanlating group.
  • CHIHARA Minori/Chihara Minori - Is a Japanese voice-actress and a J-Pop singer.
  • Chihiro - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Chikan - In Japan, street groping is called chikan; and a man who commits such acts is also called chikan, while a woman is called chijo.
  • Chinese Animation - Refers to animated titles from China.
  • Chiwa Saito - A Japanese voice actress.
  • Choirboy - A choirboy is a boy member of a choir, also known as a treble. As a derisive slang term, it refers to a do-gooder or someone who is morally upright.
  • Christianity - Refers to any material based on, inspired from or related to the religion.
  • CLAMP - CLAMP is a four-woman manga studio consisting of the following mangaka: OHKAWA Ageha, APAPA Mokona, NEKOI Tsubaki, and IGARASHI Satsuki. Famous for series like Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits and X, among others.
  • Classic - The word classic means something that is a perfect example of a particular style, something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality.
  • Clubs - A club refers to an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal.
  • CoalGirls - An anime fansubbing group.
  • College - Depicts college going characters.
  • Columbia Music Entertainment - Formerly Nippon Columbia, it is a Japanese record label company.
  • Combat - It is a purposeful violent conflict meant to weaken, establish dominance or to kill the opposition.
  • Comedy - Any humourous work intended to induce laughter.
  • Coming of Age - Transition of young person/people from childhood to adulthood.
  • CoMix Wave - Japanese anime production company.
  • Commie - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Conspiracy - An agreement between persons to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights, or to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Contemporary Fantasy - A sub-genre of fantasy, set in the present day.
  • Cooking - Refers to the act of cooking.
  • CooRie - A self-produced Japanese music unit by singer-songwriter Rino that performs songs for anime and games.
  • Cops - Content containing or related to cops/police.
  • COR - Anime fansubbing group; stands for CitadelofTheRaven
  • Cosplay - short for "costume play",is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea.
  • Crime - Refers to the presence or occurance of any criminal or illegal activity.
  • Crossdressing - Refers to the act of wearing clothes and accessories associated most often with the opposite gender.
  • Cyberpunk - It is a postmodern and science fiction genre noted for its focus on "high tech and low life".
  • Cyborgs - Short for "cybernetic organism", is a being with both biological and artificial (e.g. electronic, mechanical or robotic) parts.


  • Daily Life - Denotes that the content has the depiction of the events in the everyday life of the character/s.
  • Dangerous Pleasure - Manga scanlator, focussing mainly on Yaoi titles.
  • Dark Fantasy - Indicates that the content has fantasy with a pronounced horror element in it.
  • Dark Horse - Manga publishing house.
  • Dark Humour - Humor that is viewed as dark, morbid, cruel, offensive to some, and or graphic in nature and is yet, still found funny.
  • Darknight - Manga scanlator focussing mainly on Hentai titles with Incest and Large Breasts.
  • Delicio.us - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Delinquents - Refers to the minor participants in any illegal activity.[Think gangsters, only from schools.]
  • Dementia - Refers to a serious loss of cognitive or reasoning/thinking ability, in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what happens through aging.
  • Demons - Refers to the presence of demons/ monsters in the content.
  • Dentsu - Anime production company.
  • Desudesu - Manga scanlators specialising in hentai.
  • Detective - Detectives and detection form a major part of the content
  • Dildos - Vibrators - Refers to the use of dildos and vibrators in the content. Almost always associated with hentai.
  • Dinosaurs - Content contains.. you guessed it.. Dinosaurs!
  • Digital Works - Production company focussing mainly on hentai.
  • Disaster - Refers to any huge disaster[generally natural] that takes place in the content.
  • Documentary - Refers to non-fiction motion pictures intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record.
  • Doki - Anime fansubbing group.
  • DokiDoki - A manga scanlation group.
  • DOMO - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Doremi - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Double Life - Means a character leads a dual life/ has a dual identity.
  • Double Penetration - Almost always used in hentai, means when penetration happens any combo of mouth, anus, or vagina, but is most commonly done in the anus and vagina.
  • Doujin-Moe - Manga scanlator focussing mainly on hentai.
  • dp - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Dragon Voice Project - Manga scanlators.
  • Dragons - Content has the presence of dragons. Always associated with fantasy or its forms.
  • Drama - Presence of drama/tension/heightened emotions in the content.
  • Drama CD - Presence of a Drama CD in the content. Related to OST.
  • Driving - Content involves the act of driving.
  • Drugs - Has content relating to the presence or administration of drugs.
  • Dynasty Scans - Manga scanlation group.
  • Dystopia - Refers to an imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror


  • E-D - Refers to Exiled-Destiny, an anime fansubbing group.
  • Ecchi - Ecchi is a slang for erotic fantasy and sexual innuendoes, generally used with the meaning of "dirty", "naughty", "frivolous". a lighter form, but not as harsh as, hentai.
  • Eclipse - Refers to SS-Eclipse, an anime fansubbing group.
  • Educational Refers to any content that has educational value.
  • Elementary School - Refers to the presence of primary school kids or situations.
  • Elves - Content has elves present in it. Always associated with fantasy or its sub-genres.
  • ELISA - A singer and model from Japan.
  • EMI Music Japan - Formerly Toshiba EMI, is one of Japan's leading music companies.
  • Endless Abyss - Manga Scanlator.
  • Entropy - Manga Scanlator.
  • Epic - Refers to anything heroic, majestic or anything great in general.
  • Epic Records - An American record label, owned by Sony Entertainment.
  • Episodic - Means the content is of a short series/episodic in nature wherein each new story/episode/chapter can be considered standalone[i.e content which isn't part of any story arc].
  • EROBEAT - Anime fansubbers focussing on hentai.
  • Esthetique - Manga scanlators.
  • EtB - Stands for EnterTheBlog, an anime fansubbing group.
  • Evil Flowers - Manga scanlating group.
  • Evil Genius - Manga scanlators.
  • Exhibitionism - Exhibitionism refers to a desire or compulsion to expose parts of one's body in a public or semi-public circumstance, in crowds or to friends or strangers.
  • Experimental - Content has experimental work[i.e not mainstream content].


  • F-B - Stands for Froth-Bite, an anime fansubbing group.
  • FAKKU - Manga scanlator as well as anime fansubber, focussing on hentai.
  • Family - Presence of family based scenes[including their relationships with each other etc.]
  • Fantasy - A genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary element of plot, theme, or setting. Has various sub-genres.
  • Fated Circle - Manga scanlators focussing mainly on hentai.
  • Father-Son Relationships - Has content based on the relationships between a father and his son.
  • Faylan - Is a female singer from Saitama, Japan.
  • Faytear - Manga scanlator focussing on hentai.
  • Female Dominance - Indicates that the female has a dominating role in a relationship.
  • Female Fighters - Refers to content having female fighters as the main characters.
  • Female Students - Refers to the presence of female students. Mostly from school, can be from University too.
  • Female Teachers - Presence of female teachers amongst the main characters.
  • Fetish - Refers to the arousal that a person gets from any physical object, or from a specific situation.[Eg: BDSM]
  • Feudal Warfare - Under the feudal system, land would be parcelled out. Those who received the land had an obligation to fight for their liege lord, hence Feudal Warfare.
  • FFFpeeps - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Finfal fantasy - Anything related the RPG Final Fantasy.
  • Fisting - Sexual activity involving the inserting of a hand into the vagina or the rectum.
  • Food - Content has Food amongst the dominant themes.
  • Football - Refers to the primarily European sport involving two teams of 11 members, trying to score goals by kicking the ball into the opponents net. Also called Soccer.
  • Force of Nature - Shows the effects or power of Nature.
  • Franky House - Manga Scanlator.
  • Frontier Works - a Japanese company specializing in the creation and distribution of media related to anime, such as producing OVAs, radio dramas, drama CDs, anime soundtracks, or other related products.
  • Frostii - Anime fansubbing group.
  • Fuji TV - Anime production company.
  • FUJITA Junpei - is a Japanese arranger and composer, and a founding member of Elements Garden.
  • FUKUMOTO Nobuyuki - A mangaka.
  • Full Colour - Used in relation to manga, means that the entire manga has colour pages.
  • Futanari - Japanese version of androgyny/hermaphroditism. Basically, "chick with dicks".
  • FURUYA Usamaru - A mangaka.
  • Future - The setting of the story takes place in the future or a futuristic world.
  • FwPA - Manga scanlation group.


  • Nakama - Has 2 possible meanings on BakaBT:
  1. A scanlation group that specializes in Yaoi manga releases. Baka Updates
  2. In Japanese, this means "comrade". Could be loosely translated to "friend".
  • Navy - This work involves the Navy, a military branch that operates on the sea with fleets of ships. A space military force could also be considered a Navy. This keyword, if used, should always be paired with Military. See Navy from the Wikipedia.
  • NHK - Also known as Japan Broadcasting Corporation, they are Japan's public broadcaster. AniDB | Wikipedia
  • niizk - A fansub group that doesn't do any of their own subbing. They rerelease other groups material and DVD rips and only complete anime series. AniDB
  • Ninjas - This work involves Ninjas, stealthy warriors trained in martial arts. Usually paired with Action, Martial Arts, Shounen, and other similar genre. See Ninja on Wikipedia for more information.
  • Nippon - This keyword can refer to one of 3 production studios. This should be replaced with the corresponding producer/studio:
  1. Nippon Animation - See entry below
  2. Nippon Television Network - NTV for short. A japanese broadcaster involved in several productions including Claymore, Air Master, Monster, and several others. AniDB
  3. Nippon Victor - Parents company of Victor Entertainment, has been involved with the production of Trigun, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, and others. Also known as JVC for Japan Victor Company. AniDB | Wikipedia
  • Nippon Animation - A Japanese animation studio. They produce several anime series based on works of literature from Western culture and manga. Involved in anime adaptations such as Shaman King, Hunter x Hunter, and many others. AniDB | Wikipedia
  • Nipponsei - A group that specializes in creating Original Soundtracks (OST). Most, if not all, of their rips are extremely high quality with a 320 kbps Mp3 encode.
  • Nudity - This work contains nudity and is commonly associated with hentai material. In rare cases, it can be associated with ecchi material, but is usually not.
  • Nuns - This work contains nuns. Often, this keyword is used with hentai material where Nuns are sex objects. Religious denomination is commonly irrelevant.
  • Nurses - This work has nurses. Like Nuns, this usually refers to hentai material where female nurses are sex objects.


  • Office Lady - Usually this refers to hentai material where the leading female works in an office or office-like environment. Should NOT be used if the woman is a nurse, teacher, student, or some other easily identifiable profession.
  • Omanga - A scanlation group, they do not specialize in a certain genre and have infrequent releases. Baka Updates
  • Oneshot - This is used when a manga is only a single chapter in length. Usually the chapter is quite long so that the author can get an entire story out of it.


  • Pantsu - This work involves panty shots, and usually lots of them. This should always be used with the Ecchi keyword, but is usually NOT associated with hentai material.
  • Parallel Universe - The setting in this work takes place where two worlds are usually next to each other, but separated by a barrier, time, or some other means that can not be crossed by normal means.
  • Parody - This work mocks other works, the subject, or even the author themselves, using humorous or satirical imitation.
  • Piloted Robots - This work involves piloting robots, often the robots are much larger than the pilot themselves. The Mecha keyword is almost always paired with this one.
  • Police - This work involves the police, or some other legitamite criminal investigation group. This can be used for one, many, or all aspects of police work.
  • Post-apocalyptic - The setting of this work is set after an apocalypse, or some other major event that led to almost complete destruction of the world. Wars and natural disasters are the most commonly used events.
  • Power Suits - This refers to when the characters use suits that augment/enhance their existing abilities and/or grant new abilities to them. What is unique about this is that the suits rely on the users ability and are not piloted, but worn.
  • Proxy Battles - This work involves fighting where the combatants do not engage each other directly. Usually other creatures/machines/magics battle for them, thus the combatants do not battle each other directly. For example, in Pokemon, trainers will collect and train their Pokemon to fight. The trainers are the ones fighting, but the outcome is determined between the Pokemon alone.
  • Psychic - This work involves psychics, usually humans with extraordinary mental abilities. Fairly weak as a keyword on it's own, it should be used with Fantasy, Magic, and/or at least Sci-Fi, unless of course the plot focuses mainly on psychics.
  • Psychological - This work deals with the philosophy of a state of mind. Abnormal psychology is used in most cases.


  • Racing - This work involves races, wether it be car, horse, running, or any other form of racing. Usually paired with the Sports keyword.
  • Rape - This work involves rape. Rape is when a person, almost always a woman, is forced into performing sexual acts against their will. This keyword is almost always associated with hentai material.
  • Ripping in Peace - A fansubbing group, RiP for short. They have yet to drop a single project, but have stalled a few. AniDB
  • Robots - This work contains robots. Similar to the Mecha genre, this usually refers to robots that are not piloted by someone. The Mecha keyword should be used instead of this for consistency.
  • Romance - This work revolves around love, usually between a man and a woman, but not limited to. See Yaoi ("Boys Love") or Yuri ("Girls Love") for same gender relationships.
  • Rumiko Takahashi - A japanese mangaka, she is one of the wealthiest women in Japan thanks to the manga she creates. (And the anime adaptations) Some of her most prominent works include InuYasha and Ranma 1/2. See Baka Updates or Wikipedia for more.


  • Saizen - A fansubbing group, short for Saizen Fansubs. AniDB
  • Samurai - The story of this work focuses on Samurai warriors, or they at least play a major role in the story. Samurai on Wikipedia
  • Scat - The work involves feces / excrement. Mostly applies to hentai or smut material.
  • School - See School Life
  • School Life - The setting of this takes place mostly, or completely, in a school environment.
  • Sci-Fi - Used on works that involve twists on technology and other phenomena which are contrary or stretches of modern science. Short for Science Fiction.
  • Seinen - This work specifically targets males around the ages of 18 to 30 and appeal to college students and those in the working world. Typically the story lines deal with, or at least incorporate, the issues of adulthood.
  • Short Stories
  • Shoujo - Used on material that is aimed at girls. The story usually focuses on romance and love. It is commonly used with either the Romance or Drama genre. Could be considered the female equivalent of Shounen.
  • Shoujo Ai - While similar to Yuri, or "Girls Love", Shoujo Ai is a less intimate version of strong girl-girl relationships.
  • Shoujo Magic
  • Shounen - Used on material that is aimed at boys. The story often focuses on fighting and action. It is almost always used with either the Action, Mecha, and/or Martial Arts genres. Could be considered the male equivalent of Shoujo.
  • Shounen Ai - While similar to Yaoi, or "Boys Love", Shounen Ai is not as intimate of strong boy-boy relationships.
  • Shounen-Ai - A mispelling, should be Shounen Ai, see above entry.
  • SHS - Short for Shinsen-Subs, a fansubbing group. Currently, they have subbed over 150 titles. AniDB
  • Shueisha - A major publisher in Japan. Jump Comics is a division of Shueisha, which is a large publisher of manga. Shueisha has also been involved in the production of some anime, but is better known for manga. AniDB | Baka-Updates | Wikipedia
  • Slapstick - Usually this refers to outrageous, and sometimes outlandish, comedic acts. The most common acts in slapsticks are chases, collisions, and crude practical jokes. Should almost always be used with the Comedy keyword.
  • Slice of Life - This genre represents day-to-day ordeals of one or many characters. These events could possibly happen in the real world and are often, if not always, set in the present in a world similar to our own.
  • Small Breasts - The work contains girls with small breasts, usually associated with underaged or "under developed" girls. Almost always used with ecchi or hentai material. Synonomous with lolicon, except lolicon is limited to hentai material.
  • Smut - Used for series that are could be considered offensive, particularly regarding sexual content. Should not be confused with hentai.
  • SnoopyCool - A manga scanlation group. They do not focus on a single genre. Baka Updates
  • Space - Used when the setting, or a large portion of the setting, is in outer space.
  • Space Travel - This is used when the story involves travelling through outer space. While similar to Space, it differs in that the setting doesn't need to be primarily in space.
  • Sports - This work centers on sports, meaning the story is created around sports. Anime titles such as Slam Dunk and Eyeshield 21 are good examples.
  • Static-Subs - An English fansubbing group, SS for short. Does bothXviD and h264 releases. AniDB
  • Studio 4 C - A Japanese animation studio, full name is Studio 4°C. (Named so because water is densest at 4°C) Some of their notable works include The Animatrix, Spriggan, and Steamboy. AniDB
  • Studio DEEN - A Japanese production studio. Mostly involved in TV anime such as Fruits Basket, Samurai Deeper Kyo, and Fate/stay Night. AniDB
  • Sudden Girlfriend Appearance - The work has the main character suddenly get a girlfriend, usually as a result of an abnormal situation. It is common for this to happen at the very beginning of the story.
  • Sunrise - An animation producer that is a sub-sidiary of Bandei. Did the animation production for many titles including Scryed, Inuyasha, Planetes, and Mai-HiME. AniDB
  • Super Power - The work contains one or several characters with powers or abilities beyond the normal limitations of everyone else.
  • Supernatural - The work contains events or actions that defy the natural laws of physics, often in a spectacular way. Supernatural could be considered Magic, but on a more broad scale.
  • Surreal - In general, it means bizarre or dreamlike. Similar to Fantasy.
  • Swordplay - This work contains sword fights, and usually plenty of them. This is not necessarily limited to metal swords alone. This is frequently put together with Action, Shounen, and/or Violence works.


  • Tadanohito - A scanlation group that currently specializes in Hentai manga. Baka Updates
  • Takahata - Refers to Japanese Director Isao Takahata, see Isao Takahata.
  • Tentacles - This work contains the use of tentacles and is currently used only for hentai. Tentacles refers to when a person, usually a woman, is forced into sex by a monster/alien/robot/creatute that has several tentacles extending out from it. Tentacles and Rape are frequently used in conjuction.
  • THORA - A fansubbing group that only releases true HD material. Short for THORAnime.AniDB
  • Thriller - Usually contains a fast paced story with frequent action and a resourceful hero that is up against a more powerful and/or better-equipped villain. See theThriller (genre) from Wikipedia for more info.
  • Time Travel - This work involves travelling through time, wether it be to the past or the futire.
  • Toei - Short for Toei Animation, see Toei Animation.
  • Toei Animation - A Japanese Animation producer, has produced many famous works including the Dragon Ball series, Sailor Moon series, and One Piece, to name a few. See AniDB or Wikipedia entry for more info.
  • Torture - This work contains torture. Torture usually involves inflicting pain upon others without killing, or at least seriously injuring, them. Often used in hentai material with Bondage as well.
  • Tragedy - This work contains events that lead to great loss and/or misfortune. Could almost be a spoiler by using this keyword.
  • Transforming Robots - This work involves robots that are able to transform into multiple forms. This should almost always fall into the Mecha keyword area instead of using the Transforming Robots keyword.
  • Triad - A fansubbing group named The Triad. AniDB
  • TV Tokyo - A TV network in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in anime. Works such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Noir, Love Hina, Naruto, and Bleach are, or have been, originally aired through them. TV Tokyo on Wikipedia.


  • Uncensored - The censoring has been removed from this work. For the most part, this applies to hentai anime and occasionally to anime with extreme violence or nudity.
  • Underworld - Could have at least two meanings Needs more info
  1. This work involves the Underworld, a place where departed souls go to rest. Synonomous with Hell.
  2. This work involves the Criminal Underworld. This can refer to when illegal goods trading, smuggling, stealing, and other criminal acts are seen as a normal way of life.
  • Ureshii - Fansubbing group, originally a part of Anime-4ever. Has worked in conjuction with several other groups in the past. AniDB
  • UTW - Fansubbing group. UTW (Unlimited Translation Works) was created in 2010 and focuses on quality speedsubbing. AniDB


  • Vampires - This work contains Vampires, while not a genre by itself, it is almost always tied with the Supernatural, Fantasy, and/or Magic genre(s) in some way.
  • VAP - Producer, involved in works such as Elfen Lied, Claymore, and Air Master. AniDB
  • Violence - This work contains violence, usually in large amounts if the violence keyword is used. Fighting, bloodshed, and death are associated with violence and, while similar to Gore, not as brutal as Gore. It is common in Shounen anime/manga.
  • Virgins - This work contains virgins, usually this refers only to females and should only be associated with hentai works. (Further explanation shouldn't be necessary)
  • Virtual Reality - This work contains virtual reality (VR) or a virtual environment. .hack//SIGN is a good example of this. Usually associated with the Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) genre.
  • Vision-Anime - Fansubbing group, DVD rips only at the moment AniDB
  • Viz Media - English Manga Publisher, see Baka Updates for a list of current publishings and more info.
  • Volleyball - This work contains Volleyball. Should be associated with the Sports genre and not used alone.
  • Vomit - This work involves vomit and is usually associated with Hentai.


  • Waitresses - This work contains waitresses. Content is usually ecchi and/or hentai material.
  • War - This work revolves around war. Fairly self-explanatory.


  • XEBEC - Anime Producer, specializes in TV anime. AniDB


  • Yakuza - Organized crime in Japan. See Yakuza in the Wikipedia.
  • Yaoi - The work contains strong relationship(s) between men, usually an intimate one. A more extreme version of Shounen Ai
  • Yoko Kanno - Japanese Composer. She has composed several works such as Cowboy Bebop, Visions of Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain TV & OVA, and several others. See Yoko Kanno in the Wikipedia.
  • Yoroshiku - Fansubbing group, Y-F for short. AniDB
  • Yoshiyuki Tomino - Mangaka, their works usually in the mecha genre. Baka Updates
  • Yuki Kajiura - Japanese Music Producer. Her music has been used in .hack//SIGN, Mai-Hime, Mai-Otome, and Tsubasa Chronicle as well as others. See Yuji Kajiura in the Wikipedia.
  • Yuri - The work contains strong relationship(s) between women, usually an intimate one. Similar to lesbian, but not always referring to hentai material.


  • Zeonic-Corps - Scanlation group, mostly scans Gundam manga Baka Updates
  • zx - Fansubbing group, short for Zhentarium DivX. AniDB