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BoxTorrents uses keywords to separate content into different genres.  This is a brief guide and reference to the more commonly used keywords used on BoxTorrents.
BoxTorrents uses keywords to separate content into different genres.  This is a brief guide and reference to the more commonly used keywords used on BoxTorrents.
If a keyword is missing, it may not have been added yet, or is considered to minor to add.  (Such as publishers, producers, and mangakas that are used very few times)
If a keyword is missing, it may not have been added yet, or is considered too minor to add.  (Such as publishers, producers, and mangakas that are used very few times)
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* '''Yakuza''' - Organized crime in Japan. See [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakuza Yakuza] in the Wikipedia.
* '''Yakuza''' - Organized crime in Japan. See [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakuza Yakuza] in the Wikipedia.
* '''Yaoi''' - The work contains strong relationship(s) between men, usually an intimate one.  A more extreme version of [Keywords#S|Shounen Ai]
* '''Yaoi''' - The work contains strong relationship(s) between men, usually an intimate one.  A more extreme version of [[Keywords#S|Shounen Ai]]
* '''Yoko Kanno''' - Japanese Composer.  She has composed several works such as Cowboy Bebop, Visions of Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain TV & OVA, and several others.  See [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoko_Kanno Yoko Kanno] in the Wikipedia.
* '''Yoko Kanno''' - Japanese Composer.  She has composed several works such as Cowboy Bebop, Visions of Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain TV & OVA, and several others.  See [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoko_Kanno Yoko Kanno] in the Wikipedia.
* '''Yoroshiku''' - Fansubbing group, Y-F for short. [http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=group&gid=3103 AniDB]
* '''Yoroshiku''' - Fansubbing group, Y-F for short. [http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=group&gid=3103 AniDB]

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BoxTorrents uses keywords to separate content into different genres. This is a brief guide and reference to the more commonly used keywords used on BoxTorrents.

If a keyword is missing, it may not have been added yet, or is considered too minor to add. (Such as publishers, producers, and mangakas that are used very few times)


  • Nakama - Has 2 possible meanings on BoxTorrents:
  1. A scanlation group that specializes in Yaoi manga releases. Baka Updates
  2. In Japanese, this means "comrade". Could be loosely translated to "friend".
  • Navy - This work involves the Navy, a military branch that operates on the sea with fleets of ships. A space military force could also be considered a Navy. This keyword, if used, should always be paired with Military. See Navy from the Wikipedia.
  • NHK - Also known as Japan Broadcasting Corporation, they are Japan's public broadcaster. AniDB | Wikipedia
  • niizk - A fansub group that doesn't do any of their own subbing. They rerelease other groups material and DVD rips and only complete anime series. AniDB
  • Ninjas - This work involves Ninjas, stealthy warriors trained in martial arts. Usually paired with Action, Martial Arts, Shounen, and other similar genre. See Ninja on Wikipedia for more information.
  • Nippon - This keyword can refer to one of 3 production studios. This should be replaced with the corresponding producer/studio:
  1. Nippon Animation - See entry below
  2. Nippon Television Network - NTV for short. A japanese broadcaster involved in several productions including Claymore, Air Master, Monster, and several others. AniDB
  3. Nippon Victor - Parents company of Victor Entertainment, has been involved with the production of Trigun, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, and others. Also known as JVC for Japan Victor Company. AniDB | Wikipedia
  • Nippon Animation - A Japanese animation studio. They produce several anime series based on works of literature from Western culture and manga. Involved in anime adaptations such as Shaman King, Hunter x Hunter, and many others. AniDB | Wikipedia
  • Nipponsei - A group that specializes in creating Original Soundtracks (OST). Most, if not all, of their rips are extremely high quality with a 320 kbps Mp3 encode.
  • Nudity - This work contains nudity and is commonly associated with hentai material. In rare cases, it can be associated with ecchi material, but is usually not.
  • Nuns - This work contains nuns. Often, this keyword is used with hentai material where Nuns are sex objects. Religious denomination is commonly irrelevant.
  • Nurses - This work has nurses. Like Nuns, this usually refers to hentai material where female nurses are sex objects.


  • Office Lady - Usually this refers to hentai material where the leading female works in an office or office-like environment. Should NOT be used if the woman is a nurse, teacher, student, or some other easily identifiable profession.
  • Omanga - A scanlation group, they do not specialize in a certain genre and have infrequent releases. Baka Updates
  • Oneshot - This is used when a manga is only a single chapter in length. Usually the chapter is quite long so that the author can get an entire story out of it.


  • Pantsu - This work involves panty shots, and usually lots of them. This should always be used with the Ecchi keyword, but is usually NOT associated with hentai material.
  • Parallel Universe - The setting in this work takes place where two worlds are usually next to each other, but separated by a barrier, time, or some other means that can not be crossed by normal means.
  • Parody - This work mocks other works, the subject, or even the author themselves, using humorous or satirical imitation.
  • Piloted Robots - This work involves piloting robots, often the robots are much larger than the pilot themselves. The Mecha keyword is almost always paired with this one.
  • Police - This work involves the police, or some other legitamite criminal investigation group. This can be used for one, many, or all aspects of police work.
  • Post-apocalyptic - The setting of this work is set after an apocalypse, or some other major event that led to almost complete destruction of the world. Wars and natural disasters are the most commonly used events.
  • Power Suits - This refers to when the characters use suits that augment/enhance their existing abilities and/or grant new abilities to them. What is unique about this is that the suits rely on the users ability and are not piloted, but worn.
  • Proxy Battles - This work involves fighting where the combatants do not engage each other directly. Usually other creatures/machines/magics battle for them, thus the combatants do not battle each other directly. For example, in Pokemon, trainers will collect and train their Pokemon to fight. The trainers are the ones fighting, but the outcome is determined between the Pokemon alone.
  • Psychic - This work involves psychics, usually humans with extraordinary mental abilities. Fairly weak as a keyword on it's own, it should be used with Fantasy, Magic, and/or at least Sci-Fi, unless of course the plot focuses mainly on psychics.
  • Psychological - This work deals with the philosophy of a state of mind. Abnormal psychology is used in most cases.


  • Racing - This work involves races, wether it be car, horse, running, or any other form of racing. Usually paired with the Sports keyword.
  • Rape - This work involves rape. Rape is when a person, almost always a woman, is forced into performing sexual acts against their will. This keyword is almost always associated with hentai material.
  • Ripping in Peace - A fansubbing group, RiP for short. They have yet to drop a single project, but have stalled a few. AniDB
  • Robots - This work contains robots. Similar to the Mecha genre, this usually refers to robots that are not piloted by someone. The Mecha keyword should be used instead of this for consistency.
  • Romance - This work revolves around love, usually between a man and a woman, but not limited to. See Yaoi ("Boys Love") or Yuri ("Girls Love") for same gender relationships.
  • Rumiko Takahashi - A japanese mangaka, she is one of the wealthiest women in Japan thanks to the manga she creates. (And the anime adaptations) Some of her most prominent works include InuYasha and Ranma 1/2. See Baka Updates or Wikipedia for more.


  • Saizen - A fansubbing group, short for Saizen Fansubs. AniDB
  • Samurai - The story of this work focuses on Samurai warriors, or they at least play a major role in the story. Samurai on Wikipedia
  • School - See School Life
  • School Life - The setting of this takes place mostly, or completely, in a school environment.
  • Sci-Fi - Used on works that involve twists on technology and other phenomena which are contrary or stretches of modern science. Short for Science Fiction.
  • Seinen - This work specifically targets males around the ages of 18 to 30 and appeal to college students and those in the working world. Typically the story lines deal with, or at least incorporate, the issues of adulthood.
  • Short Stories
  • Shoujo - Used on material that is aimed at girls. The story usually focuses on romance and love. It is commonly used with either the Romance or Drama genre. Could be considered the female equivalent of Shounen.
  • Shoujo Ai - While similar to Yuri, or "Girls Love", Shoujo Ai is a less intimate version of strong girl-girl relationships.
  • Shoujo Magic
  • Shounen - Used on material that is aimed at boys. The story often focuses on fighting and action. It is almost always used with either the Action, Mecha, and/or Martial Arts genres. Could be considered the male equivalent of Shoujo.
  • Shounen Ai - While similar to Yaoi, or "Boys Love", Shounen Ai is not as intimate of strong boy-boy relationships.
  • Shounen-Ai - A mispelling, should be Shounen Ai, see above entry.
  • SHS - Short for Shinsen-Subs, a fansubbing group. Currently, they have subbed over 150 titles. AniDB
  • Shueisha - A major publisher in Japan. Jump Comics is a division of Shueisha, which is a large publisher of manga. Shueisha has also been involved in the production of some anime, but is better known for manga. AniDB | Baka-Updates | Wikipedia
  • Slapstick - Usually this refers to outrageous, and sometimes outlandish, comedic acts. The most common acts in slapsticks are chases, collisions, and crude practical jokes. Should almost always be used with the Comedy keyword.
  • Slice of Life - This genre represents day-to-day ordeals of one or many characters. These events could possibly happen in the real world and are often, if not always, set in the present in a world similar to our own.
  • Small Breasts - The work contains girls with small breasts, usually associated with underaged or "under developed" girls. Almost always used with ecchi or hentai material. Synonomous with lolicon, except lolicon is limited to hentai material.
  • Smut - Used for series that are could be considered offensive, particularly regarding sexual content. Should not be confused with hentai.
  • SnoopyCool - A manga scanlation group. They do not focus on a single genre. Baka Updates
  • Space - Used when the setting, or a large portion of the setting, is in outer space.
  • Space Travel - This is used when the story involves travelling through outer space. While similar to Space, it differs in that the setting doesn't need to be primarily in space.
  • Sports - This work centers on sports, meaning the story is created around sports. Anime titles such as Slam Dunk and Eyeshield 21 are good examples.
  • Static-Subs - An English fansubbing group, SS for short. Does bothXviD and h264 releases. AniDB
  • Studio 4 C - A Japanese animation studio, full name is Studio 4°C. (Named so because water is densest at 4°C) Some of their notable works include The Animatrix, Spriggan, and Steamboy. AniDB
  • Studio DEEN - A Japanese production studio. Mostly involved in TV anime such as Fruits Basket, Samurai Deeper Kyo, and Fate/stay Night. AniDB
  • Sudden Girlfriend Appearance - The work has the main character suddenly get a girlfriend, usually as a result of an abnormal situation. It is common for this to happen at the very beginning of the story.
  • Sunrise - An animation producer that is a sub-sidiary of Bandei. Did the animation production for many titles including Scryed, Inuyasha, Planetes, and Mai-HiME. AniDB
  • Super Power - The work contains one or several characters with powers or abilities beyond the normal limitations of everyone else.
  • Supernatural - The work contains events or actions that defy the natural laws of physics, often in a spectacular way. Supernatural could be considered Magic, but on a more broad scale.
  • Surreal - In general, it means bizarre or dreamlike. Similar to Fantasy.
  • Swordplay - This work contains sword fights, and usually plenty of them. This is not necessarily limited to metal swords alone. This is frequently put together with Action, Shounen, and/or Violence works.


  • Tadanohito - A scanlation group that currently specializes in Hentai manga. Baka Updates
  • Takahata - Refers to Japanese Director Isao Takahata, see Isao Takahata.
  • Tentacles - This work contains the use of tentacles and is currently used only for hentai. Tentacles refers to when a person, usually a woman, is forced into sex by a monster/alien/robot/creatute that has several tentacles extending out from it. Tentacles and Rape are frequently used in conjuction.
  • THORA - A fansubbing group that only releases true HD material. Short for THORAnime.AniDB
  • Thriller - Usually contains a fast paced story with frequent action and a resourceful hero that is up against a more powerful and/or better-equipped villain. See theThriller (genre) from Wikipedia for more info.
  • Time Travel - This work involves travelling through time, wether it be to the past or the futire.
  • Toei - Short for Toei Animation, see Toei Animation.
  • Toei Animation - A Japanese Animation producer, has produced many famous works including the Dragon Ball series, Sailor Moon series, and One Piece, to name a few. See AniDB or Wikipedia entry for more info.
  • Torture - This work contains torture. Torture usually involves inflicting pain upon others without killing, or at least seriously injuring, them. Often used in hentai material with Bondage as well.
  • Tragedy - This work contains events that lead to great loss and/or misfortune. Could almost be a spoiler by using this keyword.
  • Transforming Robots - This work involves robots that are able to transform into multiple forms. This should almost always fall into the Mecha keyword area instead of using the Transforming Robots keyword.
  • Triad - A fansubbing group named The Triad. AniDB
  • TV Tokyo - A TV network in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in anime. Works such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Noir, Love Hina, Naruto, and Bleach are, or have been, originally aired through them. TV Tokyo on Wikipedia.


  • Uncensored - The censoring has been removed from this work. For the most part, this applies to hentai anime and occasionally to anime with extreme violence or nudity.
  • Underworld - Could have at least two meanings Needs more info
  1. This work involves the Underworld, a place where departed souls go to rest. Synonomous with Hell.
  2. This work involves the Criminal Underworld. This can refer to when illegal goods trading, smuggling, stealing, and other criminal acts are seen as a normal way of life.
  • Ureshii - Fansubbing group, originally a part of Anime-4ever. Has worked in conjuction with several other groups in the past. AniDB


  • Vampires - This work contains Vampires, while not a genre by itself, it is almost always tied with the Supernatural, Fantasy, and/or Magic genre(s) in some way.
  • VAP - Producer, involved in works such as Elfen Lied, Claymore, and Air Master. AniDB
  • Violence - This work contains violence, usually in large amounts if the violence keyword is used. Fighting, bloodshed, and death are associated with violence and, while similar to Gore, not as brutal as Gore. It is common in Shounen anime/manga.
  • Virgins - This work contains virgins, usually this refers only to females and should only be associated with hentai works. (Further explanation shouldn't be necessary)
  • Virtual Reality - This work contains virtual reality (VR) or a virtual environment. .hack//SIGN is a good example of this. Usually associated with the Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) genre.
  • Vision-Anime - Fansubbing group, DVD rips only at the moment AniDB
  • Viz Media - English Manga Publisher, see Baka Updates for a list of current publishings and more info.
  • Volleyball - This work contains Volleyball. Should be associated with the Sports genre and not used alone.
  • Vomit - This work involves vomit and is usually associated with Hentai.


  • Waitresses - This work contains waitresses. Content is usually ecchi and/or hentai material.
  • War - This work revolves around war. Fairly self-explanatory.


  • XEBEC - Anime Producer, specializes in TV anime. AniDB


  • Yakuza - Organized crime in Japan. See Yakuza in the Wikipedia.
  • Yaoi - The work contains strong relationship(s) between men, usually an intimate one. A more extreme version of Shounen Ai
  • Yoko Kanno - Japanese Composer. She has composed several works such as Cowboy Bebop, Visions of Escaflowne, Wolf's Rain TV & OVA, and several others. See Yoko Kanno in the Wikipedia.
  • Yoroshiku - Fansubbing group, Y-F for short. AniDB
  • Yoshiyuki Tomino - Mangaka, their works usually in the mecha genre. Baka Updates
  • Yuki Kajiura - Japanese Music Producer. Her music has been used in .hack//SIGN, Mai-Hime, Mai-Otome, and Tsubasa Chronicle as well as others. See Yuji Kajiura in the Wikipedia.
  • Yuri - The work contains strong relationship(s) between women, usually an intimate one. Similar to lesbian, but not always referring to hentai material.


  • Zeonic-Corps - Scanlation group, mostly scans Gundam manga Baka Updates
  • zx - Fansubbing group, short for Zhentarium DivX. AniDB