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Patching is when you're taking an original file and applying a patch to it to create a new version.


The main method the anime community uses to patch files is by using xdelta. This is necessary when a group release a new version of an episode (Usually in a batch). xdelta is a commmand line program using VCDIFF. When patching using xdelta you will be provided with .xdelta files. With the xdelta command prompt and .xdelta files you can patch whichever file needed.

Patching with xdelta

Patching a file using the cmd
xdelta3.exe -d -s old_file delta_file new_file


  1. Download xdelta3 binary from here.
  2. Copy the .exe file into the folder with your .xdelta file and the file you want to patch. For your convenience, rename to xdelta3.exe
  3. Open up your cmd and navigate to the folder where the episode, .xdelta, and .exe file is at.
  4. Type in xdelta3.exe -d -s old_filename.mkv deltafile.xdelta new_filename.mkv
  5. You will have to wait a few moments for the patch to finish. Once done you will see the new file in your folder.