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These guidelines exist to protect fair users and to keep BoxTorrents a happy community.

   * Do not go against the moderators wishes.
   * Do not upload our torrents to other trackers.
   * Do not hotlink our torrents from other sites, link to the description page instead.
   * Disruptive behaviour in the forums will result in posting rights being revoked ().
   * Low ratios may result in consequences, including warnings and bans.
   * Any and all forms of hacking or cheating may result in permanent or temporary bans without warning.
   * Warned users () are only able to seed torrents, if they want the warning removed they will need to seed until their ratio is high enough (usually 1.0).


We try to keep BoxTorrents a place where anime fans can meet and discuss anime in a broad sense. To make sure BoxTorrents stays a happy community we need your assistance, please follow the rules stated below:

When posting on the forums the following rules apply:

   * NO spam.
   * No one word posts.
   * No double posts.
   * Topics must REMAIN ON TOPIC (if it strays off topic, staff will warn, if it continues staff will lock the thread).
   * NO "Should <member> be unbanned/banned/demodded/remodded" or similar polls/threads
     This will be locked immediately following a possible temporary/permanent ban.
   * NO questioning admin decisions regarding site changes or actions
     It happens for a reason.
   * NO pornography related threads (hentai should remain in the hentai section).
   * NO making threads about locked threads.
   * NO advertising porno sites ANYWHERE (including signatures and avatars).
   * NO advertising
   * NO linking to trackers containing ADV licensed material (for additionally blacklisted anime related material look here).
   * NO flaming ( staff will warn you first. if it continues any further, we will ban you).
   * NO sexist, racist, religious or any other type of discriminatory comments allowed.
   * RESPECT other members. if you yourself do not like being mistreated or disrespected don't go doing it to others.
   * When asking for help or support, be sure to give AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Simply posting saying 'Hi, I have a problem. Help' is both time-wasting and irritating. Give as much relevant information as you can (such as computer hardware stats,, your OS, your torrent client, your internet connection stats, and the torrent in question).

When addressing staff remember the following:

   * Please under no circumstance disrespect the mods. they patrol the for the community volunteering their time helping out.
   * We will NOT tolerate anybody disrespecting any of our staff members.
     (doing so may result in a possible ban.)
   * If you feel they have mistreated you do NOT bitch/insult them. Instead contact one of the administrators so we can resolve this in a civil manner.

Staff code of conduct:

   * A warning will be issued before taking any immediate action (such as bannings or locking threads).
   * Only under EXTREME circumstances will the previous rule be ignored.

A situation not covered in this concise set of rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Results may vary. If you see anyone breaking rules and it doesn't look like any action has been taken by a mod, PM a mod to let us know in case we missed it. If you have any questions you can find us at #box-support on or leave us a PM. The guidelines are updated frequently; we will inform you of any changes.


Signature image size limit:

   * maximum height : 150px
   * maximum width : 500px
   * maximum file size : 100kb

Avatar image size limit:

   * maximum height : 200px
   * maximum width : 150px
   * maximum file size : 100kb

Avatar/Signature content:

   * Only one image allowed
   * NO nudity (including hentai)
   * no advertising of other trackers (those trackers you advertise may contain adv licensed material)
   * no ipod advertising
   * no linking to pornographic sites
   * no linking to money scams
   * only two lines of text allowed
   * its current limit is 255 characters (letters allowed to be typed. I'm considering changing the limit so you can add a bit more)
   * No bashing/hate/racism/etc. in the signatures either


You are only allowed to upload (completed) anime and manga or related material: Series, OST, Movie, OVA, Manga, Hentai, Official Artbook. We also allow Live Action adaptations of anime/manga and OSTs from anime/manga related Games or Live Action shows. We typically only allow one version of a show but we also allow an additional dual audio (DVD) version and an HD version (720p and up).

Not allowed

   * Loli/shota material* (that means no linking to it either!)
   * Anything on the DO NOT UPLOAD list.
   * Titles licensed by ADV, Central Park Media and Funimation.
   * Incomplete series (we do allow seasons or arcs if the show/manga in question is very long).
   * We do not permit non-Japanese dubs of a show unless:
     1) It is the original language (such as Afro Samurai)
     2) There is no other version available (i.e., the show is very rare)
     3) It is accompanied by the original dub (dual audio)
   * Fan made material including doujinshi (artbooks and manga MUST be official).
   * Games (including anime-related or anime-styled).
   * ISOs (including DVD-rips of anime).
   * Videos not packaged in .mkv, .avi, .ogm, .mp4 (exceptions will only be granted if no other version is available).
   * Audio not encoded in .mp3 or a lossless codec for music.
   * Any releases from Dattebayo.
   * Anything released by Anime-4ever, Anime-HQ and Anime-Supreme may only be uploaded by the appropriate group's appointed distro members.
   * When making a description, do not hotlink images without permission.  You may hotlink images from sites that expressly allow hotlinking.

  • If we see someone uploading a loli/shota torrent (will be judged by forum users and moderators) the torrent will be removed and the user will be sent a warning. A ban may be incurred if uploading is found to be deliberate or if the user has had at least 2 warnings before.

Preferences In general we prefer:

   * h264 encodes over XviD encodes because h264 is more space efficient.
   * XviD, DivX or h264 encodes, other codecs are not widely supported and accepted (this includes but is not limited to MPEG, WMV, RM, QT and Indeo).
   * (styled) softsubs over hardsubs.
   * FLAC as a lossless format for soundtracks (OSTs) because FLAC has wide support and is not proprietary.
   * that you do not add archives to your torrent unless uploading manga. Refer to the FAQ for more information.
   * that you do not offer files released by speed fansubbers or otherwise inferior quality releases when high quality will be available in the near future.

Offers may be rejected if they do not match our preferences.

With regards to your torrent description, please refer to our FAQ for guidelines. As with forum regulations, no advertising will be permitted in torrent descriptions. If any is found or reported, the uploader will be warned for a minimum of 4 weeks. Repeat offenses will result in a ban.


Avatar image size limit: Keep in mind that avatars will be resized to 100px by 100px regardless of their original aspect ratio.

   * maximum height : none
   * maximum width : none
   * maximum file size : 100kb

Avatar/Signature content:



User Classes

User: Regular member. All members can choose to show torrents with adult material. Power User: Power users can view torrents' peer lists and report bad torrents or comments, as well as offer to upload torrents. To become a Power User you need a ratio of atleast 1.0 and 25GB uploaded. Uploader: A member with the right to upload torrent directly to the torrent pool without the need for moderator approval. Don't ask about becoming one. Power Uploader: A Power User with Uploader rights. Moderator/Admins: Appointed by Admins. Don't ask about becoming one.