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** Relevant hentai graphics allowed in torrent descriptions of hentai material
** Relevant hentai graphics allowed in torrent descriptions of hentai material
** Hentai discussions not allowed on forums.
** Hentai discussions not allowed on forums.
** No linking to loli/shota material
* NO flaming, no sexist/racist/religious/discriminatory comments.
* NO flaming, no sexist/racist/religious/discriminatory comments.
* NO group/staff/site bashing or insulting.
* NO group/staff/site bashing or insulting.

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Site Rules and Regulations
A must read

General Guidelines

These guidelines apply for the entire site (tracker, forums, blog and wiki).

  • NO advertising allowed without staff permission.
  • NO pornography-related material.
    • Relevant hentai graphics allowed in torrent descriptions of hentai material
    • Hentai discussions not allowed on forums.
    • No linking to loli/shota material
  • NO flaming, no sexist/racist/religious/discriminatory comments.
  • NO group/staff/site bashing or insulting.
  • RESPECT other members. If you yourself do not like being mistreated or disrespected, don't go doing it to others.

Warnings, suspensions and/or bans may be dealt for flouting the above rules.

When addressing staff:

  • Please under no circumstance disrespect the mods. They patrol BakaBT for the community, volunteering their time helping out.
  • We will NOT tolerate any abuse towards any members of the staff (doing so may result in a possible ban).
  • If you feel you have been mistreated by a staff member, do not insult or bitch at them. Contact one of the administrators/owners so we can resolve this in a civil manner.

Situations not covered by the rules will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If you see any infringement of rules and it doesn't look like any action has been taken, report it through the appropriate channels. If you have any questions you can find us at #bakabt-support on irc.rizon.net or leave us a PM.


Like all groups that do not like wasting time on internet ethics, we reserve the right to make final decisions without further explanation. We enforce fairness based on our own judgement.
If you just received your first ban for pushing things a little too far and would like to be unbanned, the best way to do so is to drop by #bakabt-support, politely explain your point of view in a few lines and put in a request to be unbanned. If you choose to push the issue, insist on an explanation, demand a re-analysis of the situation, or tell us how to do our moderating etc, expect a full ban (on IRC channel, tracker and forums).

Tracker Guidelines

These guidelines exist to protect fair users and to keep BakaBT a happy community.

Tracker Avatar Guidelines

Avatar image size limit:
Keep in mind that avatars will be resized to 100px by 100px regardless of their original aspect ratio.

   * maximum height : none
   * maximum width : none
   * maximum file size : 100kb

Avatar/Signature content:
Same as Forum Ava/Sig Guidelines

User Classes

See FAQ: What are the different user classes?

Forum Guidelines

We try to keep BakaBT a place where anime fans can meet and discuss anime in a broad sense. To make sure BakaBT stays a happy community we need your assistance, please follow the rules stated below:

When posting on the forums the following rules apply:

  • NO spam, one-word posts or double-posts (posting twice in a row).
  • Topics must stay on topic. Discussion threads that stray off-topic will be locked if warnings are not heeded.
  • Type in comprehensible English (this means NO txt tlk and no 1337 5p34|<). If you don't, members are obliged to ignore you.
  • NO "Should <member> be unbanned/banned/demodded/remodded" or similar polls/threads. These will be locked immediately, and possibly followed by restriction of forum privileges.
  • NO questioning admin decisions regarding site changes or actions. It happens for a reason. These reasons may or may not be given, do not keep pressing for them if they are not.
  • NO making threads about locked threads.
  • NO linking to sites/trackers containing blacklisted material.
  • When asking for help or support in the support forums, give as much detailed information as you can.
    • If you're having issues with your torrent client, tell us which client you are using, which torrents you are having problems with, and give us some information about your connection settings, as well as ISP. More information is always welcome.
    • if you're having issues with playback, tell us what operating system you are using, which video player you are using, what your hardware specifications (CPU, chipset, GPU) are, which video file you are having problems with, and what the problem is (stuttering video? audio/video desync? subtitles not displaying), in detail.
    • Note that we are not a support forum for generic software/hardware issues (there are better places for that). You may ask about problems you have with other trackers or files you downloaded from elsewhere, but do not be surprised or angry to find that you do not get a reply, or that the thread is locked.

Forum Ava/Sig Guidelines

Signature image size limit:

   * maximum height : 150px
   * maximum width : 500px
   * maximum file size : 100kb

Avatar image size limit:

   * maximum height : 200px
   * maximum width : 150px
   * maximum file size : 100kb

Avatar/Signature content:

   * Only one image allowed
   * NO nudity, pornography or linking to pornography (including hentai)
   * no advertising of other trackers (especially trackers containing blacklisted material)
   * no advertising or scamming in any form
   * only two lines of text allowed
   ** current limit is 255 characters
   * No bashing/hate/racism/etc. in the signatures either

IRC Guidelines


These guidelines exist to protect the sanity and happiness of IRC users.

  • No flaming. No spamming. No unsolicited advertising of site/services.
  • No excessive use of colours. Some colour formatting in IRC scripts is allowed.
    • Exception: the word "fabulous" may be highlighted only in magenta.
  • No using capslock as typing cruise control. In other words, no excessive use of capital letters, or other forms of abuse of capital letters (such as random capitalisation).
  • No discussion of religion/drugs and other disapproved topics.
    We try to stay liberal, but also have to consider the overall situation when it comes to these topics. A torrent community is not the place for serious discussion of these topics. If you want a serious discussion, find a more appropriate channel.
  • No use of offensive language (rape, fuck, cum etc) in user nicknames. (This includes names from banned topics and impersonation.)
  • No WB scripts. IF you really like WBs, type them yourself manually or use a quoteable database (such as Chalamius').


  • This channel serves as a support channel for account-related issues only. For other enquiries, users should read the wiki, then post in the forums if there is no information in the wiki on the issue.
  • Users are not to PM staff unless asked to.
  • Users without any business on #bakabt-support will be kicked. Those with auto-rejoin will have their IPs banned until auto-rejoin is disabled.

Torrent Content Upload Guidelines

We only accept complete, Anime/manga-related Series/Movies/OVAs/printed materials. We also allow Live Action adaptations (of anime/manga and related games/eroge/visual novels).

The following content is not allowed to be uploaded (offers will be rejected):

  • Loli/shota material* (that means no linking to it either! Warnings and/or bans may be given for breaking this rule)
  • Anything on the DO NOT UPLOAD list.
    • Titles licensed by Funimation.
    • Titles licensed by ADV/Aesir after 31 Dec 2006.
    • Any releases from Dattebayo or ILA
    • Releases from the following groups may only be uploaded by their appointed distro members.
  • Raws
    • Raws may only be added if there is no need for subs (there is no dialog spoken) or if you've received "special permission" to upload it in the Uploaders' Forum first
  • Incomplete series
    • Complete seasons/story arcs may be allowed if the show/manga in question is very long (clarify in the Uploaders' Forum first)
  • We do not permit non-Japanese audio versions of a show unless it fulfills at least one of the following 3 cases:
    • It is the original language (such as Afro Samurai)
    • There is no other version available (i.e., the show is very rare)
    • It is accompanied by the original dub (dual audio)
  • Fan-made material including doujinshi (artbooks and manga MUST be official).
  • Games (including anime-related or anime-styled). If you have to install it, it is considered a game.
  • ISOs (including DVD-rips of anime).
  • Files in compressed archives (zip, rar, 7z, gz, bz2, etc)
  • Upscaled releases are strongly discouraged, unless it is the best version available.

See Format Preferences for details on how we want our content packaged.

Wiki Guidelines

The wiki is for informative purposes only. Anyone found abusing it or intentionally editing it in a misleading manner will be banned from the site.