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Account Creation


Normal Registration is not available at this time. We have moved to an invite-based system.

I had an account with you before! It was pruned

Remaking your account

  • For a limited time we're allowing pruned users who activated their forum accounts to remake their accounts.
  • All you need to do is, login to your forums account, go to your forum account's profile page, and click the Remake pruned account link
  • If you forgot your login credentials and have trouble recovering your password join us on IRC
  • If it's unrecoverable just follow the steps below.

Getting invited

How do I get invited?

There are currently two ways to get invited to BakaBT.

  1. Get invited by a user in good standing.
  2. Pass a staff interview.


Interview times

  • There is no schedule for interviews. They are currently done at random.

Interview location

  • Interviews are conducted on IRC, so follow our guide to find your way there.
  • The Invite channel is #bakabt-invites . Type /join #bakabt-invites to join
  • Once in the channel type !queue , other commands are !queueStatus and !help
  • Wait until you are invited to an interview channel. If necessary type /join #channel (e.g. #bakabt-invite-259)

This Interview scares me!

  • There's nothing to be afraid of. Most of the things we ask can be answered if you read through the more important pages of this very wiki.
  • Important pages are the Rules, the FAQ, the Whitelist and the Blacklist.
  • If you had an account with us before, don't be afraid to tell us.
  • We don't require people to be on another private tracker.
  • If you are on private trackers, prepare screenshots of your profile page showing both the site name and your ratio (you can hide sensitive information). The interviewer may ask for a link to your profile page.
  • If you plan to offer content make sure to read up on that. Planning to offer something won't save a failed interview, not wanting to offer something will NEVER ruin a passing grade, so just be honest about it.

I passed the interview, what now?

  • You sign up. Wait for the interviewing staff member to hand you a link. You can use that to sign up.
  • Due to some email providers blocking us, we currently recommend using gmail/google or ymail/yahoo. Protonmail also appears to be working.
  • Hosts known to block us are Microsoft (hotmail/live) and gmx. Some users have reported others being problematic so try using the above recommended emails
  • An activation email will be sent to that address. Activate your account as soon as possible.
  • The activation email may take up to 10 minutes to arrive. Also make sure to check your spam folder.

I messed up and used a host that's blocking you?

  • If you're still in the interview channel, ask for help.
  • If you already left the channel, join us on our support channel on IRC

I failed, what now?

  • If you actually read through all of the above and still failed: Congrats, that shouldn't be possible.
  • In general it's really hard to fail
  • I mean really...
  • So you still failed? Read the wiki again, a bit more properly. Check for the questions you didn't do well in. Try again the next day.