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Reorganizing the DNU List.

Wanted to get thoughts on others on reorganizing the DNU list. I have a few points I wanted to see what others thought about.

1. Is there really a need for the "expired licensed" list to be in there? It seems to be a waste to me on a list of what you can and cannot upload it seems pointless to have a "almost not allowed, or used to not be allowed to upload list".

2. Leave it organized by company then alpha per company. One big list alphabetically or maybe link to an alphabetical list and keep it organized by company?

3. An addition to point #1, but slightly different. The Otherwise Involved list.. some of it isn't on, and some of it is on here. After working out which isn't allowed and which is (and maybe just hasn't been up'ed) I think it would make sense just to combine it what's not allowed with the main DNU.

Taking the expired license stuff off. Adding the otherwise involved lists (after confirming it isn't allowed), and just putting them in with the main list will make the DNU list easier to look through. This also will hopefully help make things more clear on what is and isn't allowed.