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{{{2}}} (added {{{3}}})


This template allows a user to embed a link pointed at a location within the BakaBT.me web site. It is intended for linking to a series' torrent page.

This template is filled out as such: {{Baka|ONE|TWO|THREE}}

  1. URL (remainder after .me/)
  2. Name (title of series)
  3. Date (month and year the torrent was added to Baka, not the year the anime was published, which is already conveyed by the page and section location)



would produce:

Valkyria (added tomorrow).


However, including the full URL is not necessary. simply including the number and the dash following it (the dash is necessary) minus the actual title is adequate to create a URL to the page. For example:


would produce:

Valkyria (added yesterday).

The url links to the same page even though it lacks the string and HTML extension.