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This is a rough outline for a list of series on BakaBT arranged in chronological order. Eventually I think 1 page per year may have to be done due to sheer mass of content. They are arranged in order of when the 1st episode began.
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*20th: [http://bakabt.me/165991-igano-kabamaru-h264-saizen.html Igano Kabamaru]
*1st: [http://bakabt.me/165692-blood-c-1280x720-blu-ray-aac-h264-final8.html Blood-C]
*16th: [http://bakabt.me/165741-phi-brain-kami-no-puzzle-season-1-whynot-720p-10-bit.html Phi Brain]
*7th: [http://bakabt.me/165810-persona-4-the-animation-commie-720p-10bit.html Persona 4]

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