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Anime (pronounced /ˈænɪmeɪ/ ), in the English speaking world, refers to cartoons from Japan. It is a loanword from the Japanese word アニメ short for animation (アニメーション). Contrary to popular belief, the drawing style does not define the term, nor does all anime (or manga for that matter) share a common drawing style.

Many Web sites are devoted to Anime. Anime is the prevalent style in Japanese Comic Books or Manga. In Japan, the Comic Book (or Manga) is a popular form of entertainment for adults as well as for younger audiences. Story lines are often very sophisticated and complex and extend into episodic series. Typical Anime themes or genres include Ninja and other Martial Arts; the Supernatural or Horror Story; the Romance; and Science Fiction including Robots and Space Ships.

Variations of Anime called Hentai are sexually-oriented. Doujinshi is the term for "Autonomous Comics," or Comics written and distributed by independent and often amateur devotees of Anime (The Fans).

Where can I learn more about codecs/anime/manga/Japanese culture? (redirected from FAQ)

Google and Wikipedia are your friends. For specific information on Japanese animations, there are 3 main resources: AniDB, AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN), and AnimeNFO. Each site offers unique information on any given title.

For specific information on manga, there's MangaUpdates and AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN).