Common Playback Problems

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On this page is a compiled list of commonly encountered problems when playing videos on different platforms.

Platform Agnostic


Please keep in mind that all solutions for the following problems assume that you have CCCP installed on your computer.


I tried playing an AVI file in Quicktime Player (or some other QT-based player) but the video doesn't show up. What's wrong?

Two possibilities exist:

  • The AVI file uses DivX or XviD for its video track and you do not have a DivX codec installed. To resolve this, install Perian Quicktime Components.
  • Your AVI file is one of the rare videos that Quicktime/Perian will not play for some reason. The solution to this problem is to play the video with one the standalone video players listed at Mac Video Playback.

I have Perian installed, but MKV video files are either associated with a non-QT player or are not associated with any player at all. How can I fix this?

By default, Quicktime Player cannot open MKV files. Because of this, even when Perian is installed, it will not show up as an application that is capable of opening MKV files. To fix this, first install Perian's Type Installer. If MKV files are still not associated with QT Player after that, use File > Get Info on any MKV file in the Finder, change its association in that window, and cliking "Change All...".