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Controlled Group Releases

General Guidelines

These guidelines apply for the groups that request controlled releases by their approved distro members.

  • They need to verify they are a fansub staff member by making a post on the official blog/site/channel (For the custom member title, which will later credit them as the approved member).
  • Must be familiar with our Rules / Guidelines / Format Preferences / Description Requirements etc.
  • Be actively involved in the forums (at least the Uploaders' Forum and New Torrent Requests).
  • Need to respond to requests, offer comparison shots if asked and make offers in a timely manner.
  • Maintain their offers/descriptions (as do all users of course).

In case appointed group members can't fulfill any of these requirements they will lose their distro privileges, and anyone is free to upload their releases again...
This of course does not mean that the group may never offer their release themselves again, but that we may accept another users offer if it's in any way deemed better.

Controlled releases