For First Timers

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For First Timers
"How to download anime", and similar questions, answered here

These are questions that don't belong in the other sections.


How do I download?

Ask the Oracle.

In case the Oracle is not in, there are generally 4 sources: from IRC, Bittorrent trackers, filehosts, and eMule.

  • To download using IRC, you need an IRC client. A quick guide to downloading using IRC can be found here and here.
  • To download from filehosts or direct-download sites, you first have to find one (this is where you're on your own).

Where do I download from?

Ask the Oracle.

In case the Oracle is not in, there are typically 4 sources one may turn to:

  • Public trackers (i.e. TT)
  • Private trackers (which require registration) and semi-private trackers (such as Boxtorrents)
  • Distro IRC bots, which you can usually find in the fansub group's IRC channel (if you don't know where, you can ask AniDB)
  • Direct-download websites (I'm afraid you will have to find your own; people generally do not reveal their direct-download sources)
  • (You're on your own for eMule, unless someone updates/edits this part since I don't know jack about it)

Fixing Your Ratio

I got warned, I have no files so I can't seed or download. Woe is me

Boxtorrents is not the only source of downloadable anime. Try the sources above. You'd be surprised at how much stuff is available outside of Boxtorrents. Download something that's recent and in demand, and seed it here to fix your ratio.

Wow, that's too much trouble for me, I don't think I'm quite cut out for that

While we're not quite in the weeds financially, a little economic boost is always welcome. In return, you get bonus points that you can use to exchange for more uploaded data on your tracker statistics. Note that donations are handled manually, so you'll get the bonus points whenever Box (or someone he trusts to handle donations) gets round to it.

Ooh, I'm going to have to sell my house, car and dog to have enough to fix my ratio. Anything cheaper and faster?

You might want to try a seedbox service. Not much will be said about them here, but if you ask the right people they point you in the right direction.