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High 10 Profile (Hi10P), also just known as 10-bit. The newest standard for fansubbed and encoded releases.

What is Hi10P?

In really basic terms, more data is used to define color which means there is less banding for a smaller file size. It's an H.264 profile which uses 10 bits of information to represent color. It's a huge improvement because there is less file size, which in the long run saves bandwidth.


  • Significantly higher compression ratios resulting in vastly decreased file sizes. In return, a huge amount of bandwidth is saved.
  • Far more information is preserved from the original, removing such issues as banding and poor detail in dark scenes.
  • Less things for the encoder to worry about.


  • Slower decoding and encoding.
  • No support for DXVA or CUDA as of writing.
  • Slight compatibility issues with older devices during playback.


There are a number of different methods available to achieve (smooth) Hi10P playback on different players.

Media Player Classic: Home Cinema