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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is something that, if you stay online long enough, you will have to fool around with. It's a real-time internet chat where users chat with each other in channels which are located on a server (which house hundreds if not thousands of different channels). It's often the fastest way to get in touch with another person on BoxTorrents since many idles the IRC, which is not the case with the forum.

IRC Clients

This is a list of the best IRC clients available.


One of the easiest clients to use, if you use Firefox. Since its a Firefox plug-in, it should work on any operating system. If you want a simple, clean IRC client to get in and out, ChatZilla will work fine.


Follow this link. Then just hit the big green button that says "Add to Firefox". Give it permission to install, let Firefox restart, and it's installed. To use, just go to the "Tools" drop down menu in Firefox and select "ChatZilla".


Another popular IRC client for Windows. While free to use, a donation nag window pops up at startup after the 30th day.


Colloquy is a full-featured open source IRC client for the Macintosh, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


Pidgin is a multi-protocol instant messaging program. It supports many common IM protocols out of the box (such as Messenger, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, etc.), and it also supports the IRC protocol.


Trillian is another multi-protocol instant messaging program, coming with IRC support as well. There are currently two available versions of Trillian: Basic and Pro. Both have IRC support, so there's no need to buy the Pro version.


XChat is an IRC client that rivals mIRC not only in power but also in popularity. It is free and open source so there's no nag screen after 30 days and there is no compromise in speed or functionality when compared to mIRC.

Connecting to BoxTorrents

Most guides here were made with ChatZilla in mind!

BoxTorrents uses the IRC server:

The main chatroom is:


And the support room is:


How to connect to #boxtorrents

  • Start your IRC client
  • Enter the Nickname you want into the bottom left button, beside the input bar.
  • Now, to join the server. Type (or copy/paste) into the input bar:
  • If your nickname hasn't been used yet (by you or another person) it will tell you the nickname needs to be registered.
    To do this type (or copy/paste) into the input bar:
/msg nickserv register your_password your_email

Where "your_password" is the password you want, and "your_email" is your e-mail address.

  • The battle is done at this point! To connect to a channel, so you can talk to people, type (or copy/paste) into the input bar:
/join #boxtorrents

How to reconnect to #boxtorrents

  • Start your IRC client
  • Your Nickname should still be in your client, so leave that part alone.
  • To join the server again, type (or copy/paste)into the input bar:
  • Instead of asking you to register this time though, it will ask for your password. To do that, just type (or copy/paste) into the input bar:
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

Just replace "password" with the password you gave when registering.

  • Now, you can reconnect to the chat room by typing (or copy/paste) into the input bar:
/join #boxtorrents

How to auto-connect, auto-join and auto-identify

To auto-connect a server, select the tab of the server you wish to auto-connect to in the future (you must have a window open assigned to that server in the first place!). Right click within the window, and select 'Open this network on startup'.

To auto-join a channel, select the tab of the channel you wish to auto-join in the future. Right click within the window and select 'Open this channel on startup'.

To auto-identify, go to the toolbar at the top, click Chatzilla -> Preferences -> Select the server in the panel on the left (in this case -> click the 'Lists' tab -> Press 'Add...' in the Auto-perform section -> Fill in the following (remember to replace "password" with whatever your password is!):

/msg nickserv identify "password"

Connecting to different channels

To connect to another channel when first starting up, just replace #boxtorrents with the channel you want (like #box-support). If your already connected, type (or copy/paste) into the input bar:

/join #channelname

Where "#channelname" is the channel-which-you-want-to-connect-to's name.