Mac Video Playback

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Thanks to the efforts of open-source teams to port their work to Mac OS X, playback of nearly all common video types is possible on Macintosh computers. Listed below are some of the more popular video player options.

  • Mplayer is a very capable multi-platform video player that does not rely on any external codecs. Due to its command-line nature, it's not tied to any particular interface, making it easy for developers to create their own front end to use with it. Because of this, most popular platforms have several different front ends that make use of it.
  • VLC is similar in concept to Mplayer, but implements several things differently and is notorious for having playback issues with different files. Most experienced users recommend against using this player full-time and instead only keep it around for the occasional stubborn video file that refuses to play properly with other players.

This page is a work in progress and is currently incomplete.