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* [[BBCode|Guide to BBCode]] - a more advanced guide to BBCode features available in BakaBT
* [[BBCode|Guide to BBCode]] (BakaBT-specific)
* [[Containers|Video/Audio Containers]] ''(Needs a little work)''
* [[Containers|Video/Audio Containers]] ''(Needs work)''
* [[Codecs|Video/Audio Codecs]]  ''(Needs more information and verification)''
* [[Codecs|Video/Audio Codecs]]  ''(Needs information and verification)''
* [[Terminology|Glossary of Terms]] ''(Needs a ton of work)''
* [[Terminology|Glossary of Terms]] ''(Needs work)''

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The BakaBT Wiki!
Welcome to the new BakaBT Wiki. Still under construction.

Welcome to the BakaBT Wiki. We have a lot of useful information here. For general problems (such as with your PC or BitTorrent in general), start with Google. For anything BakaBT-related, take the following steps:

How to search effectively

Step 01: Search our Wiki database. Use phrases like "video playback" or "torrent error" to get better results. You can look at our information index down below or in our FAQ which contains the most commonly asked questions.

Step 02: If the Wiki didn't have what you were looking for, go to our forums and seek answers there. We advise all to do a forum search before posting in a thread in the appropriate location. Chances are your question has already been answered.

Step 03: Ask us on IRC. Our support channel, #bakabt-support is located on irc.rizon.net! Have patience and our staff will get to you as soon as possible. If you do not wish to use IRC, proceed to Step 04.

Step 04: All the above steps failed! What now? Use our help form. When filling out the form, be descriptive and detailed. Have patience. Our staff will try and help out as soon as possible.

NOTE: Only ask for help through one of the above means. Don't ask on the forums or on IRC until you've read the wiki and FAQ. And don't use the help form unless it can't be asked on the forums or on IRC. Spamming all support channels with the same question simultaneously is a sure way to piss site staff off.

Important Information

New to BakaBT? About to upload something? Got warned/suspended? Other problems?
Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following. Have something to add to BakaBT? The following articles will make the process as painless as possible. Having trouble with your account and/or your ratio? Look here before hitting the support channel. Have a technical problem you need help with? It's probably already answered here.

Guides & Resources

Bittorrent (BT) Internet Relay Protocol (IRC) Video & Audio Glossary & Others
Articles about Bittorrent, the P2P protocol. A Quick Guide for IRC newbies Having problems with some video files? Others

BakaBT Website Walkthrough

To Do List

  • CCCP (Raw Version)
  • What is Anime? (still needs some work)
  • Manga (Also needs work)
  • Keywords (Needs tremendous work)