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No 'codec pack' things here, huh?

I believe,covering Totem and Kaffeine. And mplayer, of course. Btw, AFAIK only mplayer features libass now, so it's a natural choice for a perfectionist. :) /ajaxas

Is it necessary to add installation instructions for every combination of player and distribution, or should we just add a generic section referring users to their package manager to install software? Also don't most distributions already come with a load of players preinstalled, so perhaps we can just list the configuration options required to get the most out of them. /Daf0x

I think it's important to list the different methods for package managers, it helps Linux n00bs figure out the system they use, it's very encouraging. Those preinstalled players are usually just useless frontends to broken MPlayer and Xine installations. Never mind encouraging mediocrity, it's easier to get people in the mindset of starting from scratch. All we need is instructions for a fully codec'd up MPlayer and Xine, as those are the most popular players. /iddqd

I agree with iddqd, that's the way I will keep the wiki too. I won't like it if people go erasing the work unless you have a good reason. --Calvin 02:56, 2 September 2008 (UTC)