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Torrenting though Bittorrent

1.1 Intro

Bittorrent is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol, a set of rules that describe one method for programs and applications to receive files from and distribute files to many computers.

Bittorrent is also a program developed by Bittorrent, Inc. It follows the Bittorrent protocol and can be used to download data through the use of *.torrent files.

Please note that the program Bittorrent is completely safe. The way people use it makes it unsafe. << To be edited and improved later >>

2 Bittorrent basics

<< To be written later >>

2.1 How to install Bittorrent.

<< Will write a little intro about what this is about later >>

2.1.1 Downloading Bittorrent.

To install Bittorrent on your computer you first have to go to the following website: On the screen of this website you will see a box with in it "Get Bittorrent" written, within that box you will see a green button in which "Free Download" is written. Click on the button to start the download of bittorrent, once clicked the Bittorrent will be downloaded, however it might happen that your download does not automaticly start, if this is the case look at the next screen and search for the text "If your download does not start after a few seconds, click here." and then click on the blue highlighted text. Next click on the run button if you want to install it right away or click on save if you wish to install it later. When you clicked run the program will first download, after that it will start installing.

!! Note: Windows Vista users might get around 3 pop-ups stating if you really REALLY trust the program, please note that the program is safe, its what you download with it that MAY be unsafe, also torrents on BakaBT are tested and safe. !!

2.1.2 Installing Bittorrent

On the first screen that you get with Bittorrent there will be the option "Next >" and "Cancel". Just click on next here if you want to continue or cancel if you don't want to install it anymore. On the next screen click "Next >" You'll see a "Licence Agreement page" now, it just states that you can't mess around with the program, nothing of interest really. Just click on "I Agree".

Now you'll see a page in which the installation location is written. Usually the location that they say is okay, if you aren't sure that the location is correct, contact someone (not the people at BakaBT) that knows your computer and ask them if the location is correct. Just click "Next >" if the location is okay.

You'll now see a page in which you can say what the start menu folder is called, just leave it as it is, it doesn't really matter. Click "Next >" to continue.

Now you'll come to a page with some random options. If you don't know what they are just click all the boxes off. They aren't needed for Bittorrent and are basicly useless. After your done selecting what you want installed optionally, or what you dont want to have installed optionally, click on "Install" to have Bittorrent installed. Once Bittorrrent has been installed you'll be asked if you want to create a shortcut of Bittorrent on the Desktop and if you want to run the program. It's a good idea to let it create a shortcut to Bittorrent. It makes it alot easier to start Bittorrent up. Once you've selected what you want click on "Finish" and your copy of Bittorrent will be installed!