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Aemony (aka Deimon or GsDeimon) is just one of the 30,400 (as of the 24 Aug 2008) power users on BoxTorrents. Located in south Sweden, he often sits in his chair, having fun with his dear computer all day long, when he's not in school, being taught programming and common network knowledge.

Things he does while being in the chair:

  • Reads through the thousands pages manga he've gotten from BoxTorrents.
  • Watches anime (but it's more likely he does this being in his bed).
  • Chats with his pals through WLM.
  • Browses aimlessly through the internet.
  • Creates and codes a website, or creates a PHP-script (but never publish it).
  • Plays a game or two.
  • Edits a Wiki user page aimlessly.
  • Cuddles with his cat.
  • Restarts his PC after one of the many BSOD it has.
  • Wines.
  • Smiles, but never fully laughs.
  • Wishes he was away from his chair.