Windows Video Playback

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This article is aimed at providing useful information regarding playback on Windows based computers.

A List of Commonly Used Players

ALLPlayer (Acceptable Player)
This player will utilize CCCP, but has a confusing interface and useless features. It is also rather homely.
BSPlayer (Bad Player)
We don't suggest anyone uses this player. It is filled with bugs.
Coreplayer (Acceptable Player)
Developed by the same team that developed the CoreAVC codec. It does not uililize CCCP, meaning it only uses internal filters. Also it will not render subtitles.
DivX Player (Bad Player)
This player is semi-compatible with CCCP. It will play MKV, OGM, and MP4 files, but it cannot play audio files. Not recommended for use.
FFPlayer (Bad Player)
Doesn't utilize vsfilter.
JetAudio Player (Acceptable Player)
KMPlayer (Acceptable Player)
Media Player Classic (MPC) (Good Player)
This player is included in CCCP. It is recommended that you use this player, however it must be configured correctly. Refer to this guide.
MPlayer (Acceptable Player)
This player only utilizes internal filters. It will play videos as well as CCCP can, but is not user friendly.
QuickTime (Bad Player)
Will play MP4 files, but not AVI, MKV, or OGM files. It is recommended that you use the QT Alternative which works in conjuction with Media Player Classic.
RealPlayer 10 (Bad Player)
Loads CCCP with AVI files, but won't load MKV/OGM files. It is recommended that you use the Real Alternativewhich works in conjunction with Media Player Classic.
The Core Media Player (TCMP) (Acceptable Player)
Not to be confused with the Coreplayer (see above). It will work fine if you don't use the included filters.
VLC Media Player (Bad Player)
This player supports nearly every media filetype one may encounter, but is not recommended for use. It does not utilize external codecs and has a slow, buggy interface. It also does not render subtitles correctly.
WinAmp 5 (Acceptable Player)
Will work fine if configured correctly. Subtitles must be loaded manually.
Windows Media Player (Acceptable Player)
Not to be confused with Media Player Classic (see above). Will play fine, but will sometimes crash. Various other issues.
Zoom Player (Good Player)
This player is included in CCCP

Codecs and Codec Packs

CCCP (Recommended)
Stands for Combined Community Codec Pack.
CoreAVC Professional (Recommended if you have trouble with h264 encodes)
Refer to Psyren's guide