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So you want to upload manga to BakaBT? Well, this guide will help you get the basics of uploading manga all pat down. This guide was created exactly for the purpose of educating people like you. If you follow these steps, you probably won't have any mods chasing your tails.

Ordinary Manga

Step 1 - Checking BakaBT

If you think a certain manga title is not uploaded on BakaBT, first search the title name in BakaBT and also search its alternate names as sometimes manga may be uploaded on a different name.

Step 2 - Checking Details

Open Mangaupdates. Search to find out which groups have scanlated the manga. If several groups have scanlated the same chapters, compare the quality and pick the best one. If you have doubts, make a forum topic about it (in the Uploader's Forum) and post the links to the images for comparison. Mods/members will point out which is the best one.

If a single group scanlated it (or multiple groups did different chapters [e.g. Group A for chapters 1-x, Group B for chapters x-y, etc.]), you have no choice but to offer their releases.

Also, see that the manga is not Blacklisted.

Step 3 - Obtaining Official Files

This is probably the most crucial step.

One problem everyone faces is finding official files. This one thing discourages people from offering manga as official files are difficult (read: close to impossible) to find, especially if you are a newbie and/or the scanlating group isn't active anymore. Sometimes when the original files are missing/dead, you will have to either repack it yourself from batoto, or get them from other sources.

Only free sources will be mentioned in this guide. But if you know some sites/ftp which have official files, please use them (and please help us help you by giving us a link, either in the Talk page or PM carks).

Where NOT to find Official Files

MangaTraders - This is a good place when you have to download chapters/volumes when the original files are dead. Avoid at any cost if the files are alive.

Madokami - This is a good place for the same reason for MangaTraders. Avoid it if the files are alive, sometimes some groups will use it as their mirror though. You have to register on the IRC first.

Good places to find Official Files

The Scanlator's site/forum/XDCC bots - This is the best way to find official files. But if the group is dead, you have to find some other way to find the official files. Links to every group's website, irc channel, and/or forum can be located on their mangaupdates page.

Madokami - Yes, madokami again. Some groups do upload their batches or chapters to madokami, or you will find some rips for scans. Basically, be aware of it.

If the group that scanlated it is dead, or all links to official files are dead [this could happen due to filehosts deleting the files or shutting down], then it is sometimes acceptable to upload an unofficial file from somewhere else like mangatraders. Before you go down this route, however, you must make absolutely certain that there are no official files out there left to find.

Step 4 - Uploading

Refer to the Wiki and kureshii's Description Guide to learn how to make a description. Also refer to MangaUpdates, Mugimugi, and MyAnimeList (Manga section) for the information you need for making the description. futz also made a nice template for offering manga, and it also comes with a little guide for it.

Some examples: Leviathan, Amon, Ageha, Emma and Plastic Girl.

Step 5 - Sample Pictures

You have two options for this.

Option 1 Offer the manga, and then upload everything with the torrent ID to bakashots.

Option 2 Upload your images to an image host like (or any clone), Photobucket, or imgur, and include screenshots like you normally would.
After making sure everything is in order and offering your torrent open your sandbox again and press 'Upload images to image server' upon which all images should be detected and by pressing 'Replace selected images' your description will automagically be updated and all images will be transferred to BakaSHOTS.
Do note that even if your imagehost does not automatically create thumbnails, BakaSHOTS does. This means that even if your sample images hosted by minus appear fullsized and have no thumbnails before you press the 'Upload images to image server' button, they will after you do this and they are hosted on BakaSHOTS Note: Your old description containing your original links will remain cached in your sandbox, to avoid undoing the changes you will need to press 'Load original description' prior to making any other changes to the description.

With some imagehosts, a thumbnail will automatically be created. Using one of these hosts you can do your sample images in the following way;


If, however, your image host does not automatically make thumbnails then make sure you use this code:


Request to uploaders who uploaded manga before the new rules came into effect

Almost 80% of the manga uploaded before the new rules came into effect don't have official files (most torrents have #lurk's files, which definitely are not official). I urge those uploaders to refer to step 3 to find the official files and swap their current files with the official ones.

On Going Manga

Step 1 - Introduction

Offering On Going manga is a bit more tricky than offering normal manga. Sometimes you will run into a lot of groups doing random chapters, it might not be completely translated (if it's that the case, then it can't be offered), there might be an on going long arc so you don't know where to start adding chapters and that's about it. And there are certain rules you need to follow...

Step 2 - Certain rules

All the other rules that were on the 'Ordinary Manga' part, also apply here. But the most important rules for offering manga are:

  • Original files (if possible)
  • The manga needs to be either 10 volumes long or have 5 years in serialization.
  • You need to offer it from the start to a certain point where an arc ends. What's an arc? Well...

Step 3 - Arc-breaks

To offer on going manga, you have to read the manga and find a part where an arc ends. What's an arc? I will cite Wikipedia on this part.

Manga and anime are usually good examples of arc-based stories, to the point that most series shorter than 26 chapters are a single arc spanning all the chapters. This makes syndication difficult, as episodes watched in isolation often end up confusing viewers unless watched in conjunction with the series as a whole. Series of 30 chapters or longer usually have multiple arcs.
Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example, is a single story arc spanning 26 episodes. Other longer anime have multiple story arcs, such as Bleach, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Fairy Tail. The anime Dragon Ball Z adapts four different story arcs from the Dragon Ball manga, each with its own ultimate antagonist, along with original story arcs created for the TV series.

This should be enough for you to understand it. Although, episodic manga like Hinamatsuri, Tonari no Seki-kun and Neko Musume, there aren't "clear" arc-breaks, at most 2-4 chapter long arc breaks, so you can offer them as long as they are episodic.

And that's it for offering on going manga. It's a bit more tricky, but that's about it.

Scans / Rips

Step 1 - Introduction

Let's talk about scans. What do we mean by scans? We mean english published volumes, scanned by someone on the internet (or digitally ripped). We allow 1 Scans torrent, and 1 scanlations torrent. Sometimes you will see certain cases that we keep two scans, but that's for really specific cases. We don't have specific rules for this, aside from what it's stated above. All the rules that normal torrent had, also apply to these. And yes, you can offer on going manga with scans/rip, sometimes they are the only alternative. Now, let's pass to offering them (which only has one major step!).

Step 2 - Official files

The rule is the same, always try to get offiicial files. The "main" scanner out there is KickTheKitty, he scans them and someone else might edit them, or not. Some might offer unedited scans, some might offer edited scans, it's up to you if you want to clean them or not. Then, there is the rippers. Most digital rippers mainly rip comics, not manga, but every now and then someone cashs out a bit of money and rips a whole manga. Where can you get them? Madokami usually gets them up too, BookGN's manga section always get them too. And sometimes, some people on madokami rip directly from other places like ComicWalker, Crunchyroll's 'free' time for manga, etc etc. But that's it. Sometimes, some rips are too old and they won't have names, so you can put them as "Unknown".

And...that's it for scans. The whole process isn't hard or anything, maybe tricky the first time but it shouldn't intimidate you. And chill, the full torrent might be heavy but it's fine. And remember, bigger doesn't mean quality!

Hentai Manga

Step 1 - Introduction

When offering H-manga, it has pretty much same steps as the normal manga. It's rare to come across H-manga that cannot be offered because of being licensed, it happens every now and then though. Project-H and FAKKU are blacklisted so BE AWARE of them.

Step 2 - Official Files

The new rules require you to have Official Files; this affects H-manga too. So basically you have to go to the Scanlators' website and try to find them. Although, Madokami doesn't have h-manga on their servers.

Note #1: If you find an H-manga that hasn't yet been uploaded and you find it on Tadanohito, despite the scanlation group being another group, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! Tadanohito is known to change the page name, making them unofficial files.

Note #2: If the files are dead, you can go to E-Hentai and download it either via torrent or ripping the pages one by one.

Step 3 - Checking the Upload Guidelines

Fan-made material (including doujinshi, artbooks and manga) are NOT allowed to be uploaded. Only published works are acceptable on BBT.
The only exception to this rule is original non-parody doujinshi created by published mangakas.

Web comics are also NOT allowed, though an exception might be made for offers that meet the below requirements.

  • the material has some sort of continuity with a physically published work, being a sequel, extra or similar.
  • if after the online publication the material has appeared in print, meaning a physical copy released by a publisher.

There is a second rule that states "NO loli/shota material. Some H-manga that only contain one or two chapters of loli/shota material may be allowed, but if the whole book is based upon loli/shota material, then it is not allowed.

See the Torrent Content Upload Guidelines for other rules.

And another important thing to follow.

  • If you're uploading an eromanga that's a collection of one-shots, the names of the one-shots themselves serve enough of a description.
  • If you're uploading a oneshot, a description is not needed as again the name of it ought serve enough of a description.
  • If you're uploading an eromanga tank, with more than one chapter, please provide a brief description.

Step 4 - Keywords

Remember to read the book or some chapters so you know what kind of keywords you could add. Remember to check if the author/artist name or the scanlation group (full name or abbreviation) are already keywords.

IMPORTANT NOTE - If your manga contains loli/shota material, make a note of how many chapters/pages have it, and add a comment in the description stating it. Other users/mods will provide feedback regarding that.

Note #1: Some H-manga have short stories; In this kind of situation, check what the stories mostly contain (e.g. relationships between brothers and sisters should be tagged 'Incest', Girls with large breasts with 'Large breasts', girls with penises with 'Futanari', etc.).

Note #2: Most H-mangas are censored, either with small black lines, mosaic or through "natural means" (where the artist uses steam, light, shadows, objects, etc. to hide certain parts), but it is possible you may have the uncensored version. Make sure you check this and tag the offer appropriately.

Step 5 - Sample Pictures

Okay, for sample images it's a bit rough. Not so many places approve +18 images on their host. If you do the second option for sample images (as mentioned above), just use pomf clones like, and more.

And that's about it, have fun fapp-I mean, have fun offering!

Web Comics

Web comics are also NOT allowed, though an exception might be made for offers that meet the below requirements.

  • the material has some sort of continuity with a physically published work, being a sequel, extra or similar.
  • if after the online publication the material has appeared in print, meaning a physical copy released by a publisher.