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So you want to upload manga to BakaBT? Well, this guide will help you get the basics of uploading manga all pat down. This guide was created by htears and Goroshi-sama (modified by Southrop) exactly for the purpose of educating people like you. If you follow these steps, you probably won't have any mods chasing your tails.

Ordinary Manga

(By htears)

This is more like a campaign by me (htears) to encourage members to upload manga. Here are some simple steps for making a simple and perfect manga offer.

Step 1 - Checking BakaBT

If you think a certain manga title is not uploaded on BakaBT, first search the title name in BakaBT and also search its alternate names as sometimes manga may be uploaded on a different name.

Step 2 - Checking Details

Open Mangaupdates. Search to find out which groups have scanlated the manga. If several groups have scanlated the same chapters, compare the quality and pick the best one. If you have doubts, make a forum topic about it (in the Uploader's Forum) and post the links to the images for comparison. Mods/members will point out which is the best one.

If a single group scanlated it (or multiple groups did different chapters [e.g. Group A for chapters 1-x, Group B for chapters x-y, etc.]), you have no choice but to offer their releases.

Step 3 - Obtaining Official Files

This is probably the most crucial step.

One problem everyone faces is finding official files. This one thing discourages people from offering manga as official files are difficult (read: close to impossible) to find, especially if you are a newbie and/or the scanlating group isn't active anymore.

Only free sources will be mentioned in this guide. But if you know some sites/ftp which have official files, please use them (and please help us help you by giving us a link, either in the Talk page or PM Southrop or htears).

Where NOT to find Official Files

#[email protected] - This is the most popular download location for manga. However there is a catch. Sometimes, #lurk's bots/fserves don't contain official files. So you cannot completely depend on them for the official files. But if you can identify which are official files, feel free to download from here. However this is [b]not recommended[/b] for newbie uploaders.

animeEDEN or Manga Traders - These definitely don't contain official files and are out of question.

Good places to find Official Files

The Scanlator's site/forum/XDCC bots - This is the best way to find official files. But if the group is dead, you have to find some other way to find the official files.

"Laplacian" File Server (Fserv) in #lurk - This fserve is the most reliable one I have found up until now. 99% of the time, it will have official files (for some large chapters, they are split in parts, so those are not official files, but this rarely happens). Laplacian changes the file names in most cases, but its nothing trivial and can be changed manually (and in some exceptional cases, it can be ignored). It should be noted that Laplacian goes offline every now and then; you can download from it only when its online.

cz.petab pointed out that Laplacian sometime changes the files from .RAR to .ZIP. I checked it out and found that it was true but only for very few cases.

See these guides for help on using FServs

StopTazmo - Someone mentioned this one and I checked it out for some of the series. It does have official files (for most cases) but there are some drawbacks like it doesn't have too many titles on it, it definitely doesn't have official file names and the most important one is that for manga titles that have more than one group scanlating it, it doesn't have the correct choice of the groups. But, I would still recommend this to others (at least it's better than #lurk).

Step 4 - Uploading

Refer to the [How_to_make_an_offer#Description Wiki] and kureshii's Description Guide (still under development) to learn how to make a description. Also refer to MangaUpdates and MyAnimeList (Manga section) for the information you need for making the description.

Some examples: Gamerz Hell, Fairy Tail, Random Walk, Emma and Plastic Girl.

Request to uploaders who uploaded manga before the new rules came into effect

Almost 80% of the manga uploaded before the new rules came into effect don't have official files (most torrents have #lurk's files, which definitely are not official). I urge those uploaders to refer to step 3 to find the official files and swap their current files with the official ones.

Hentai Manga

(By Goroshi-sama)

Step 1

When offering H-manga, it has pretty much same steps as the normal manga. It's rare to come across H-manga that cannot be offered because of being licensed by ADV or other critical Company.

Step 2

The new rules require you to have Official Files; this affects H-manga too. So basically you have to go to the Scanlators' website and try to find them. Alternatively, follow the steps above (in Step 3 of the Normal Manga guide).

Note #1: Sometimes its possible to find the download link on MangaUpdates. Usually (what I have downloaded from those links) they are official files. But remember to check the files names.

Note #2: If you find an H-manga that hasn't yet been uploaded and you find it on Tadanohito, despite the scanlation group being another group, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT! Tadanohito is known to change the page name, making them unofficial files.

Step 3 - Checking the Upload Guidelines

Fan-made material (including doujinshi, artbooks and manga) are NOT allowed to be uploaded. They have to be official.

There is a second rule that states "NO loli/shota material. Some H-manga that only contain one or two chapters of loli/shota material may be allowed, but if the whole book is based upon loli/shota material, then it is not allowed.

See the Torrent Content Upload Guidelines for other rules.

Step 4

The keywords: remember to read the book or some chapters so you know what kind of keywords you could add.. Also remember to check if the author/artist name is one of the keywords, also the translation groups eather whole name or the nickname: (SaHa, 4dawgz, etc..)

[b]IMPORTANT NOTE:[/b] when you notice that the h-manga has some loli/shota stuff, check how many pages/chapters.. And remember to add eather/both as a tag and post comment the amount of content, so people will know what to expect..

note #1: some of the h-mangas has short stories; the thing how you could act on this kind of situation, check what the stories mostly has. example: short stories of relations of brothers and sisters = Incest, girls have large breasts-("problems") = Large breasts, stories of girls with dicks = Futanari, etc.. etc.. etc.. you can continue this long..

note #2: Mostly h-mangas is censored example: small black lines, or completely (like steam clouds, cumstuff.. etc.. use your imagination..) But there is also the possibility that you have downloaded that has been uncensored (I think hentairules mostly uncensores h-mangas, but this is only a wild guess..) so remember to check those and add the that eather censored or UNcensored..

5) samples: they are optional, but usually some first-taste isnt bad for pedobears. ;) the problem comes with the hosting site: some pages removes images and you have to find an another imagehoster.. some pages that I recommend that doesnt delete images are like [url=]Imageshack[/url] and [url=]Imagefap[/url].

note #1: Imagefap is site that BBT doesnt make auto screenshot thumbnails with this code: [code][img]direct link to image here[/img][/code] so you must use this code: [code][url=Direct link to the image][img]thumbnail code here[/img][/url][/code] Doesnt know what links you have to add there? Dont worry: Imagefap automatically makes those thumbnail codes for you so you dont need to worry what you should add those.. :)