Image Compression

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BakaBT only allows images for use inside descriptions that are <300kb in size. If your image is over the limit, you'll have to compress it to a file size that's acceptable.

JPEG Compression

JPEG is a format for lossy compression of images. This is the simplest and most wide-ranged used image format for compression.

Compression in GIMP

  1. In GIMP, choose to save as a JPEG. You should see a dialog box.
  2. Adjust the quality as high as possible until it's just under <300kb.
    Dialog Box

Compression in Photoshop

Save for Web & Devices in Photoshop
  1. Go to File>Save for Web & Devices
  2. Change the file type to drop down in the drop down box
  3. Adjust the quality to find the right file size (Look at the bottom left under the preview)

File Type
Drop down to choose the file type for the image. JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc...
How much quality there should be. The higher the quality, the less compression. The less compression, the bigger the file size.
Final File Size
How big the file will be once you hit save.
You can preview how the final image will look after saving.
It's recommended you have this option turned on. The optimized format provides a 2%-8% reduction of the image file size, so there is no reason for not use always this setting when not using the progressive format.
Save File
Hit save to finish.